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29 November 2013

MB Remodel Pt XI - Done

Well, it's done and we're moved in. The bedroom anyway. The bathroom will have to wait for just a bit as we rest and recuperate.

This is what we started with.

After the demo.

And now, the finished room.

Lu has since decorated and we've moved in. That bed is a California King to give you some size perspective.

The sitting area. That chair is temporary. Later we'll buy some matching chairs and tables. The curtains over the french door are cream and green.

The walk in closet. I still need to add come bars on the right there for hanging clothes. It extends 2 feet right and 1 foot left of the doorway. Those are sectional drawers. There is more storage for shoes on the left.

The wall between the bedroom and the laundry room. If you watched the video this is shot from the same place where I was standing and the lovely Lu was pointing to that door we took out. I still have some work to do in here to solate the laundry portion and create a coat closet. Later.

The finished dimensions are 11' 6'' by 18'. It's a very nice space, warm and welcoming. It's the largest bedroom we've ever had with plenty of room to move around and just relax comfortably. Lu is loving it, especially that big closet.

It was a long and challenging build and we're glad to have it behind us. I have a 3 Gun match next weekend but after that we'll tackle finishing the new bathroom. For now though we're just enjoying the fruits of our labor. I hope you've enjoyed following along with us. We have certainly enjoyed bringing it to you and appreciate all your kind words and support.

Six, Lu and Angus.


Rev. Paul said...

That's a remarkable transformation - good job. Enjoy!

Monkeywrangler said...

Wow! You two do nice work!

LauraB said...

Jeepers!!! I know it is easy to see it in pics and not know the aching muscles and nailed fingers but...I cannot FATHOM taking on that much work. I have small projects to do and cannot seem to manage them!! WELL DONE!!

Old NFO said...

Nice! And almost done!!! I know Lu is happy if she's decorating... :-)

Six said...

Thanks everyone. We are happily enjoying the spoils of our labor. Now if I could only get the bathroom gnomes to finish what they started!

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Nicely done! Take a well-earned rest.