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15 October 2014

Boy Scouts and sexual orientation

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So I had an interesting conversation the other day.  My son is in the Cub Scouts and we have been selling popcorn in the neighborhood (*you can order, too, if you want!  You can even order popcorn to be sent to the troops!!) and for the most part people have been excited to share their experiences and to help out.  Cute 8 year old face with an adorable speech, and in complete Class A uniform, he's hard to resist.  We even had an Eagle Scouts dad pass on his sons old aluminum frame backpack he'd used during camping. 

But not everyone is okay with the Scouts.  We had an older gentleman tell us that, though he supports the idea of scouting, he could not support the Boy Scouts themselves as they allow homosexuals to be members.  It was obvious nothing I was going to say would change his mind, but it's been something that has been bothering me since.  I figured if I put it out here I could get it out of my mind.  See, the problem I have with that argument is that there seems to be an assumption that gay members would have a dramatic impact on Scouting, but also assumes the reverse isn't true.  What I mean is, the assumption seems to be that allowing homosexuals in scouting would bring gay culture into the program and negatively influence the boys.  Boys will learn to be men, somehow and from someone.  Excluding them from the Boy Scouts only limits where they can go to learn how to be men, and leaves a much more disturbing community for them to go to, the gay community.

I'll be honest, the hard-core gay community bothers me.  Not because of their bedroom activities but because of their aggressiveness in pushing their lifestyle.  Certain areas and certain "parades" in San Francisco are notorious for their brazen and disturbing behavior.  What is better, then?  To have boys and men feel that they are not accepted in Scouting and to look for a place they are accepted and to end up in some version of the gay community?  Scouting teaches boys to be patriotic, the leftist world of the gay community teaches socialism.  The Scouts promotes self-reliance and team work, the gay community promotes victim-hood.  Which do we want to foster in the next generation, gay or straight? 

While I appreciate that this man has his beliefs on religion and abnormal behavior, the fact is Scouting is there to build capable, responsible men.  As for the adults, these boys need men in their lives who can demonstrate moral behavior and self-reliance regardless of who their significant other is.  The Scouts has a very thorough program in place to minimize any inappropriate behavior, including making sure no child sleeps in a tent with an adult not his parent and a clear no one-on-one contact rule.  So, again, the abuse of years past came not from gay members but from men who were willing to destroy children.  I will not make the case that the two are the same.  These men were looking for victims, and openly gay leaders simply want to help children grow.

Can they be one in the same?  Sure.  I'm sure many abusers were gay, but that is not causality.  Nor was it this man's point.  His point was they were gay.  Period.  Being gay is unacceptable, and so because the Scouts allow a sinning member in their ranks he was unsupportive.   I hate to tell you all, but I'm a sinner.  I would hope that wouldn't stop you from supporting an organization that helps boys become helpful members of society. 

So what do you all think?  Am I completely off base?  Do some of you have the same issue as he, and can you help me understand why?  I just want these men and boys to be a part of an organization trying to make America better, and not part of a community trying to destroy it one bakery at a time.

~The DO

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