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12 November 2013

MB Remodal part VII

The framing is done and the French doors have been installed.

The framing went well and as since I've talked about it before I didn't document it. It's basic but the room now looks much like it will when finished. After framing it was time to put in that french door.

First you cut out a giant hole in the side of your house. Circular saws and a Sawzall are the preferred instruments of removal.

Then install the door. It was actually a bit easier than you might think. This is where the old window was. It was framed almost exactly correct for the door. I only had to cut away the bottom of the wall including the old sill plate and add in a second top plate and one stud. Other than that it's just a standard door installation.

The door is screwed in on the sides and top. The left panel is secured by dead bolts that go into the top plate and door sill. The right panel contains the lockable handle and another dead bolt into the left panel. The left panel will also get a false door knob. Easy Peasy. Here you can see our inspector giving us his final approval.

It's secure and very well insulated. This door is really the architectural centerpiece of the room.

Here's a wider view of the Master Bedroom. You can see how we covered over one window, turned the other into a door and enlarged the space. Quite a difference.

Remember the Laundry Room and how I said I was going to put in a wall? Here it is. It looks more cramped than it is in reality. Lu loves it. Later we'll do a little more framing in this area to isolate the Laundry Room and add in a coat closet and a small Library shelf.

The framing is done and all the doors hung. Today I bought the rest of the electrical. I'm going to put in a 50 Amp sub service panel in the laundry room, above Angus' doggy door. That will let me wire these rooms without overtaxing what is fast becoming a crowded main service. There will be recessed lighting and lots of outlets. We'll be starting that today and I'm hoping to be done with the rough in by Wednesday. Then it's sheetrock. Joy.



Old NFO said...

Y'all have been BUSY!!! And I'm glad that door went in easily, you must have actually had a SQUARE opening... sigh...

Six said...

It was remarkably square considering what we've been working with NFO. Lu is happy and you know what they say about keeping Mama happy :)

I actually even got the sub panel wired up before knocking off today.

Old NFO said...

Heh- I put a french door like that in, oh 30 years ago, had to redo the ENTIRE @#^% top plate, cut down the concrete on one side, and fight that SOB for about 2 days to actually get it to go in straight!!! And yes, keeping Mama happy counts!!!

Six said...

Oh man NFO. That's love right there. You're gonna hate me for this but that opening was almost perfect. I took out the sill plate, put in a second top plate and a jack stud on one side. I think it probably took me 2 1/2 hours start to finish.