'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 November 2013

An Open Letter To The Republican Party


I'm a voter. I used to be registered as a Republican though after a string of fairly recent past events I switched to Independent. Not really an issue for you as I mostly had a strong tendency to continue voting for your candidates. A lot of the time I held my nose when doing so but I did it even though I kept swearing that I wouldn't keep voting for the lesser evil. Like Romney. You remember him don't you? Because I assure you I do.

With loss after loss, bad candidate after bad candidate, betrayal after betrayal and disappointment after disappointment here's where we are now. After yesterday's Virginia race I'm afraid that a parting of the ways between you and I has finally come.

Read carefully. I will never again vote for any candidate with an R beside their name if they even have a whiff of the Republican establishment. Period. And I'm not a lying progressive who promises a period knowing all along that they don't really mean it. Period means period. And lest you think I'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness take a very long look around. You will see that I have a lot of company and such good company it is. I will however take every chance I get to vote for a conservative who primaries one of your chosen few. Stuff that in your pipe and take a nice long puff.

Understand, it isn't me it's you. You're not interested in rolling back the damage the Democrats and leftists have done to the country I adore. You're not interested in promoting small government conservatism. You're not interested in conservative candidates outside your comfy circle of acceptability. You're not interested in anything except power and the perquisites it brings to you and your cabal of establishment elites. Your failure to give the Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia your absolute support shows that clearly. Look up the phrase "All In' sometime. He should have won easily and convincingly. Such a victory would have gone so very far toward defeating Obamacare and giving conservatives (your base by the way in case you forgot and I know you have) hope and a morale boost. It would have proved the power of true conservatism and our message. It would have crushed the left. Crushed them.

But no. You squandered our chance by flatly refusing your unwavering support to a candidate who wasn't one of yours. You cast us aside like so much detritus. You have declared a war on the Tea Party, naming us subversives and Whacko birds or some such  insult. You want a war? Fine. You got one. You really want an object lesson on just who exactly holds the whip hand?

No more money. No more votes. No more signs or door knocking. No more posts in defense. No more local, state or national Party volunteer hours. No more support of any kind. Nothing, nil, nada, bupkis. You want to run Christie in 2016? Knock yourself out. I'll stay home or pick a third party candidate. Any third party candidate.

With any such declaration should come an offer of compromise and as an honorable man I am duty bound to make one. Here it is. Want me back in the fold? Want me and those like minded to renew our support?

Name Sarah Palin as the RNC Chair. Scoff and laugh if you will but I'm being deadly serious here. I can't think of anyone else at this point that I would trust with the job of cleaning our house of the progressive lites that have come to dominate the Republican establishment. There is no one else out there with the temerity and integrity to put the Republican Party's feet back on the path of small government conservatism. Keep Rove and Priebus and Christie et al. I'll take Palin and Cruz and Lee thank you very much. That is the price of my forbearance and my return to the party. And you can add another big old Period on the end there Skippy. Think I'm kidding or blowing off steam? Think I don't really mean it and come election time I'll do what I've always done and give you my support and vote?

Try me. I dare you.

There is simply no place for me and the current crop of establishment Republicans in the same party. It's them or me and that really means us because, as I said earlier, I am hardly alone here.

And that was your choice not mine.



Murphy's Law said...

What he said.

Jon said...

Dang, I might have to steal this.

Six said...

Thanks ML.

Feel free Jon. I hope someone at the RNC does see it.

Monkeywrangler said...

Amen, Six! And God bless Ted Cruz!

Six said...

Amen right back at 'ya MW!

Aaron said...

Well said.

Let's hope they listen, as its tiresome watching them snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again, and again, and again.

Sadly, I think they'll again get the wrong idea and head even further into Democrat-lite land.

Old NFO said...

Well said, and one of the many reasons I'm now registered as an independent...

Fred G said...

Add another amen to the roll call! It is time for the McCains and McConnels (sp) to go. Though when I read things like this I wonder if all is lost. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/11/06/30-Of-Virginia-s-Pro-Lifers-Vote-For-McAuliffe. Exit polls in Virginia said the 30% of the people who identified themselves as pro lifers voted for that idiot McAuliffe. WTF??

Me said...

I recently read a (very poorly written) book entitled, "This Town." It's an insider view of Washington politics. It just confirmed my feelings that it hasn't mattered for a very long time if a politician is an "R" or a "D" They ALL follow the money and do whatever it takes to make their rich friends richer while fattening their own purses in the process. They will support whatever cause pays the best and abandon any cause that was once the staple of their existence if the funding goes away. A very sick and perverted group...

instinct said...

Six - awesome. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Me - One reason I am all for term limits across the board. I'm also for the states paying the salaries and benefits of their representatives to congress and going back to the days when the state legislatures voted for the Senate representation and the people voting for the house.

Six said...

Aaron - Yep, over and over again. For a long time I hid my head and tried not to see what is so clear. You are absolutely right, down the road to D Lite indeed. Infuriating.

NFO - I'm with you now. I'm going to borrow the Jewish Motto here if it's permitted. "Never Again."

Fred G - That's just sickening. I grieve for my country when I see something like that and wonder what in the hell is going on in their minds.

Me - Totally agree. When I saw that recent book about the corruption going on in both parties, Extortion, I knew the current system is badly broken. Perhaps unrecoverable.

Instinct - I agree on each. I didn't always but it seems there's no other answers at present. The permanent political class on both sides have the game rigged and it's going to be up to us to un-rig it.

OldAFSarge said...

You nailed it Six.

The current Republican Party, is not. It's that simple. They're just the sorta-rightish wing of the Democrats.

Six said...

Thanks Sarge. You're rt. For crying out loud H.H. Humphrey would be considered too conservative for the big R elites!!

KurtP said...

I'm going to make a yard sign saying "ABC" Anyone But Cornyn for my Texas yard.
HE is the one who decided not to help in VA. He's the one who stabbed the Conservatives in the back on 0bamakare by voting to end debate,,,,,but now he's buying radio ads (a year out) touting his "conservative" credentials.

Six said...

Kick his butt for all of us Kurt. No more surrender monkeys.