'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

21 November 2013


I am about to commit an outrage. Ready?

I don't like JFK. I certainly do not think he was one of our greatest presidents. In fact, he was one of our worst. I get the frownies when I hear or read otherwise reasonable persons say that JFK would be considered a good Conservative in these times. He wouldn't and isn't. That's butt smoke from the squishies and liars. JFK was the SWPL Obama.

My reasons? Rather than blather on in my simplistic fashion I'll let DiploMad take over. Read it here. He says it all and really encompasses my feelings about JFK and the Kennedy's in general. I mean, they corrupted The Terminator for crying out loud.

Yes, the assassination of any sitting President is a badness thing. No, there wasn't a conspiracy by the CIA/Cubans/Mafia/Johnson/Whoever. JFK was killed by a crazy, traitorous, wanna be Communist Hero, loser (BIRM). Please stop feeding that particular trope as well as the one that imagines JFK as a would be conservative hero in Democrat clothing. He was a bottom feeder who was no more competent for the office of president than the current occupant. He was as liberal as they come, just more constrained by what was still then a majority conservative country who very nearly got us all killed in a rain of mushroom clouds. He was a drug addict, incompetent and a sexual deviant.

JFK an American Icon? Spare me.



Murphy's Law said...

You forgot that he lost a PT Boat because his entire crew was asleep without a deck watch, allowing a Japanese destroyer to run them down as they sat at idle. Anyone but him would have been court-martialed for losing their command in that manner.

Rev. Paul said...

Between you & Murphy's Law, you pretty much nailed it.

Six said...

Absolutely right ML. Got a 'Life Saving' medal for it thanks to Daddy.

Thanks Rev.

Brighid said...

Right On Sir.

instinct said...

I asked a classmate one time what made Kennedy so great. They stumbled around a lot at that until finally declaring "Because he was a good president."

Yeah, cause that explains it.

Old NFO said...

Heh, your post is a lot more succinct than mine, but similar content... LOL

Jack said...
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