'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

09 February 2013

Thoughts On The Week

We took Angus to the Vet on Tuesday. He's doing very well, improving every day. We've worked very hard to keep his cast clean and dry and Doc was gratified to see it's condition. He decided not to change it and said the stitches could stay in until we see the surgeon. That will be on the 19th. So far so good.

Pneumatic nailers are a wonder. When you're doing extensive reconstruction, especially repairing structure and putting in new stud walls, they're priceless. Of course they can turn around and bite you in the butt toot suite if you get careless. Or finger as the case may be.
Yeah, shooting 16 penny nails into your digits is moderately uncomfortable.

From the 'No Sexism Expressed Or Implied I'm Just A Guy Talking From A Guy's Point Of View' department.
For all you high speed/ low drag gun guys out there a word on training your significant other. Sometimes it's Ok to let someone else do a little education. There's an clear and certain tension in any relationship. Everyone wants to be viewed by their spouse/girlfriend in a certain way and they feel the same. They want us to see them as they want to be seen. That creates a special relationship that can occasionally be a problem in the training environment. Watch for it and before tempers get short and things are said that can't be unsaid look outside for help. I'm not saying you can't or even shouldn't train her, you should if you're capable, but be aware of the potential pitfalls and keep your ego out of it. Lu is spending the afternoon with her mother at the range with another trainer I know and trust to sharpen her semi-auto pistol handling and manipulation. There is no special relationship between them and he can impart knowledge and techniques without ego or feelings getting in the way. Sometimes it's simply best to step away until a certain training hurdle has been cleared before again taking up the mantle of instructor for someone you love. There are times when we are the worst possible choice as an instructor for our wives and girlfriends. Understanding that and knowing when to step away for a bit makes you a better trainer. Not to mention husband.

The remodel has hit a small snag. It's currently snowing/raining and I can't finish the roof and ceiling joists until things clear up a bit. I need to get on the roof and remove a one foot diameter stove pipe and don't dare until I can get the huge hole in the roof weather sealed before it floods the room. Stud wall construction next week. Doors and windows have been purchased and I think I should have enough lumber to get at least most of the rest of the way through. We're a bit above my initial estimation. I think we're at about $1,200 so far. Since that was my initial estimate and I haven't yet bought a single sheet of sheetrock it's fair to say I suck at guessing.

Lu's birthday is next week. She's a Valentine baby! We stopped with the whole gift buying thing a long time ago so we'll probably go out to a nice early dinner and then snuggle at home.

With the weather bad I foresee a relaxed weekend with lots of battery recharging. Speaking of which, I do need to get the motorcycles out, get the batteries tended to and fire them up. First ride of the year isn't far away now. Can't wait.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go to all our brothers and sisters in the northeast. We hope you all weather the storm alive and well.



Rev. Paul said...

That's a fair bit of wisdom expressed right there, regarding when to let someone else do the instruction.

Old NFO said...

Well said, and OUCH, that had to hurt! Glad Angus is doing well too!

Six said...

Thanks Rev. I keep trying to get smarter but it's not working :-)

Gracias NFO!

Paladin said...

I always under estimate the time and cost of any project I'm working on - so I completely sympathize. Ouch on the finger! Years ago my sister found her husband at the building site for their new home trying to pull a nail from his knee with a pair of pliers. This was before everyone carried cellphones and he'd been stuck like that for several hours.

Six said...

Ouch! Man, that had to hurt Paladin. I'm glad it's not just me on the estimates. I think that just makes us optimists my friend :)

RabidAlien said...

Owey. Kinda makes one nostalgic for the days when you whacked your thumb with the hammer, eh? Prayin for a quick heal!

Six said...

You said it RabidAlien. Thanks for the prayers!