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01 February 2013

Angus Update - Friends Are Such A Treasure

A week and a half into surgery and Angus is doing well, very well. So well that our biggest problem is keeping him on a short leash. As far as he's concerned everything is fine and it's all systems go. That's not the case of course so there's been a lot of "Easy" "Would you slow down please" "No, you cannot go running around the yard" and so on. We're getting a lot of 'poor little puppy' looks trying to trigger guilt mode but so far we've held firm.

Lu has a new nickname for Angus. When he walks he's started using the casted leg and it makes a tapping sound so she's taken to calling him Peg Leg Pete. Angus hasn't yet expressed an opinion on the new moniker though he looks unimpressed.

We have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday for stitch removal and re bandaging. I'll update with pictures. For anyone who's ever had a cast you know that itching and chapping is a real issue. I've been treating his skin around the cast with Bag Balm. It's an old farmer remedy I picked up from my grandparents (and was reminded of by my mother when I had the same issues a few years ago).
I think the main  ingredient is Lanolin but whatever's in it works like stink. It's thick, sticky and doesn't smell half bad though you do have to wash your hands more than once to keep it off your food. But hey, sacrifices have to be made. Angus likes it so much he just lays down and rolls over when he sees me bring out that wonderful green can. JOY!

Speaking of wonderful. For walkies tonight we went up to the mailbox (It's only about 100 feet from the house) and was surprised to find a package for Master Angus. Inside we found treats from our friend Alemaster with a note for a certain black dog.
Look at that happy face. You can actually see his Tail Of Expressing Ecstasy in motion.

If it's not obvious, Angus totally approves.
If you look at that picture very closely you can see just a hint of red at his nose. That's Angus' tongue. He started air licking as soon as he got near them.

Of course he had to sample the contents.

"Let go of the treat and no one gets hurt." It was accompanied by a sigh of content and a little dance of joy.

Angus says "Thank you very much Uncle Alemaster!" Lu and I do as well my friend. Angus promises to follow the instructions to the letter (and make sure I do as well!).

Friends truly are a treasure and a blessing.

Six, Lu and Angus (aka Peg Leg Pete)


Paladin said...

Glad to see he's doing so well!

Murphy's Law said...

Get well soon, Angus!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm pleased to read (and see) that he's doing so well. We're happy for all of you!

Old NFO said...

Glad he's getting better! And cute pics too! :-)

Blue said...

Glad Peg Leg Pete is getting better! :)

Just an FYI: Bag Balm works great as a chamois butter on those long bicycle rides ;)

Six said...

Thanks Paladin!

I think he's doing better than expected ML. He stole a hamburger off the kitchen counter yesterday.

Many thanks Rev!

He actually kept still (mostly) for the .07 seconds needed for those pics NFO. It's a new Angus record!

Thanks Blue. That is absolutely genius and I am slapping myself in the head for never even considering that. My...uh, nether bits thank you!

Sarge said...

I could tell you a story about Peg leg Pete, from across the street. But in respect for Angus and his youth, I'll just stop right there.
I did see Angus today and he looked great other than the tapping he's doing good. If there hadn't been a six foot fence between us I think I would have gotten some welcome doggy kisses.

OldAFSarge said...

Good to see Angus is doing well.

JihadGene said...

God bless the peg-legged ones LOOONG time!!! And friends, friends that send a pup "medicinal" treats!

Six said...

Thanks guys!!

Moogie P said...

Aw, poor pup! Glad he's doing better!