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22 February 2013

Remodel - Electrical

I'm not going to go into too much detail on the electrical. If you're capable then you don't need my input. If you're not this is one area to take extreme care. Get some knowledge and education. Get some advice and help. Or maybe just bite the bullet and hire it out. I have some experience and knowledge and I have a good source of advice. Car Guy is Mike Holmes with better hair. He's my go to when I run into something I'm not familiar with. On this project Lu wanted three hot wall outlets, one switched ceiling box for a fan and one switched wall outlet in each room. The combination of switched ceiling box and outlet was at the limit of what I know so I didn't hesitate to call up Car Guy and pester him for some learning. Other than that I rely on a good resource manual.

Take your time and do the work correctly. Do be careful. Household current can kill and even if it doesn't it still hurts really, really bad. As long as you're working with live wires make sure you keep the current cut at the breaker.

Speaking of "Oh crap, that hurts".

This is a power drill running a 3/4 inch wood bit to drill holes in the walls to run the wires. Romex 12-2 with ground if you're interested. That bit is sharp and the drill powerful. The bit seems to have been engineered specifically to catch stray bits of clothing and wrap it around it until either the motor stops or something gives. How do I know?

A moment of inattention. I had just drilled a hole and while the drill was still spooling down let it hang next to my leg while I was checking my work. Bad idea. Many bad words were said whilst I untangled myself and checked for missing chunks. Thankfully only my pride was badly hurt. Really, I only do things like this to entertain you. I swear. Would I lie to you?

I do have one other tip. There are places in your wiring where wire nuts are absolutely essential. there will also be others where these will work just as well or even better.
Those are push in wire connecters and they are wonderful. They're only for solid wire, cable type wires just don't seem to stay put but with stuff like Romex they work great and are way easier that wire nuts. You just skin the sheathing off and push the wire end in until it seats. They come in 2, 3, 4 and 6 wire configurations. I still tape the connections up but that's just common sense and something I do even with wire nuts. They make doing long runs of outlets a snap.

There's not much to see but here's the final wiring. It's all in and working fine. All the little electrons are flowing and the smoke is contained. I am so happy. So is Lu.

I still have one window to install then it'll be time for insulation and drywall. More to come.



Rev. Paul said...

Glad to see you including fire stops in your walls; too many DIY-ers don't even know about that.

Good advice about seeking pro help unless you already know how to do it - I learned residential wiring while working as a building inspector. Won't touch anything bigger than 240v; a man's got to know his limitations.

Six said...

I hear you Rev. This is the limit of what I'll tackle on my own. If Car Guy ain't around I hire it out.

The city inspector made sure I put the fire stops in. Said no pass unless he saw them.

Paladin said...

War wounds :) The sure sign of a diy-er. I'm just happy that I still have all my fingers. I'm only comfortable doing the most basic house wiring. Voltage high enough to kill me makes me really nervous.

The project is coming along great!

Six said...

Thanks Paladin. The DO called me tonight after she read that post and said
"So, I guess you've been 'entertaining' us for 53 years now?"

OldAFSarge said...

Power tools. Electrical work.

"Hey honey! What's the number for that contractor?"

Old NFO said...

OH yeah, tools can and DO bite when you don't pay attention!!! Glad it was not serious!

Six said...

Heh heh. That thought went through my mind even as that drill bit was tearing through my pants Sarge.

Thanks NFO. I'm an expert in power tool related flesh wounds!

A Girl and Her Gun said...

Ouch! Glad it wasn't worse. You are mighty talented though.

Six said...

Thanks AGirl. I don't know about talented but I will admit to being determined!