'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

21 February 2013

On Lincoln And War

This is an OPSEC violation I know but it's something I feel compelled to write. You may agree or you may think I've gone over the edge. Either way, after this I think I'll be limiting my political posts. Courage is one thing, advertising is something else.

I'll start by reminding or informing any reader that I am a Patriot of the first stripe. A veteran and a retired police officer, I have devoted more than 33 years of my life to this country. I love America and I want nothing more than to see her continue to be the light of freedom for the world.

I sat down and watched a special on the Lincoln assassination the other day. It was a movie made from the Bill O'Reilly book, Killing Lincoln. It gave me pause.

There's been a lot of Abe Lincoln out there the last couple of years, even a vampire killing Lincoln movie. Books, TV and film. Lincoln has been everywhere. Now I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories. Most of them are complete BS. But there is a difference between a conspiracy and a plan. I think the left has a plan and the pessimist (or perhaps realist) in me sees the end point of that plan as a new civil war. I think they not only want one but are actively working for one.

The left has it's Lincoln in the White House in Obama. They have their emancipation movement in Gun Control. They have their spark in Sandy Hook. That's why we see so much Lincoln out there right now. That's why the media won't let Sandy Hook rest. It's why Obama has a complete pass to do anything he wants. It's why gun owners are evil, and not just of a different opinion.

I was struck by a passage in a book I read a long time ago, Red Storm Rising. In that book the Soviets created a crisis by killing...children. It's an excuse to start a war with the West and gain control over oil reserves. Really, it's about war for control period. The Reds used the killing of children, an act they committed themselves, as a maskirovka or military deception to cover their broader and more sinister aims. One of the main characters, LCDR Toland, a Soviet analyst, remarks that he's never seen the Russian population whipped into such a state of anger before and realizes in that moment that war is inevitable. The West sees what's coming and prepares. They negotiate, gather intelligence and gather their forces. Yet War comes all the same.

Now I'm not saying Sandy Hook was a deliberate deception perpetrated on purpose to mask political maneuvering but it was and is being used as an excuse to push us into a corner from which there can be only one response. The difference between the two concepts is meaningless. The end result is exactly the same. A deliberate bomb in the Kremlin or a random shooter at an elementary school. Either can be used to whip up popular sentiment into a murderous fury. I believe that is what has been done and indeed is being done even now. We're being set up. Put into an impossible situation where we end up having only one response.

The media and White House are pushing and pushing. Where just a few short months ago we all thought gun control dead and buried we now see federal initiatives and state laws limiting or outright prohibiting the exercise of the Second Amendment. The rhetoric and name calling is reaching levels none of us has ever seen before or even imagined possible in a free Republic. Banning and even confiscation is being openly discussed. The demonizing of gun owners is outstripping that of Rape and crimes against children. Plans and subterfuges. It's insane. Yet it's happening right now.

On our side we're seeing preparations. Guns and ammunition are being purchased in numbers beyond anything imaginable. Intel is being gathered and lines in the sand drawn. Politicians have been warned and warned again. Food is being stocked. Lives simplified. Nothing less than preparations for war whatever the individual motivations.

The left has it's Lincoln, it's propaganda ministry and it's Army. They have a placated and dumbed down populace, addicted to bread and circuses. The federal leviathan has grown and grown and is even now stockpiling arms and ammunition for it's enforcement arm. They have purged the military of those commanders suspected of being unreliable. They have shooters they are confident of and in their minds nothing now stands in the way of their ultimate victory except the lives of those now viewed through the same lens as slave owners a century and a half ago. They have their righteous cause and their enemy is clearly defined. Us.

And the pushing goes on and on. I'm now in the position of finding myself in agreement with those paranoid and fringe elements who have been warning about the coming war for years now. I am convinced. It's coming and I can't see a way to avoid it short of surrender by the Big Red Machine currently in charge of the country and it's mainstream media outlets. Or ours. Any bets on the likelihood of either happening?

Lincoln is the key to the Left's current thoughts and plans. They love him and the fundamental transformation he wrought on the Union. If he is their model, and everything I'm seeing right now convinces me he is, then war is absolutely inevitable. The left wants to kill us. Not defeat or cow or intimidate but kill. Their own words betray them and give us all the evidence we need.

I hope I'm wrong. I pray I'm wrong. I want to be wrong. But I fear I am not. I see the dust on the horizon and hear the distant drums sounding the march. I see the hate being cast against me and hear the roar of the masses calling for my blood. I see the in gathering of the forces of chaos and tyranny and I hear their calls for death and enslavement. And I understand. It's crazy.

I am a free man. I will remain a free man until the day I die. I will not submit nor will I surrender my liberties in the face of violence. I have spoken out. I have made my intentions clear. That is all I can do. I just want to be left alone. I hope the left understands that what they are doing is nothing less than declaring war on half of the country. They are fanning the cold war into a conflagration that, if not stopped right now, may well consume us all.

The spirit of Patrick Henry is still alive and well in America and I thank God that it is so. Give me liberty or give me death. It really has come to that.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Six, I came to the same conclusion some time back. I also reaffirmed to myself that there are things far worse than death. The shameful part is that those who would control us will send young men and women who have not yet realized their responsibilies are not to a single individual but to a Constitution to do their evil bidings. regards, Alemaster

Rev. Paul said...

I can't argue with your facts, references, nor your conclusion. It seems to be so.

A SImple Man said...

I wish you were wrong but I can find no faults in your observations or conclusions. My heart is heavy but my mind is clear. G-d guide and protect us.

RabidAlien said...

Gotta agree. It scares me to no end, wondering what sort of world my daughter will grow up in...but I'm not willing to stand by and watch it spiral down the drain, and leave it to her to try to clean up (or merely survive in).

Old NFO said...

Can't disagree, wish I could... The question now is what will be the 'new' Lexington???

Sarge said...

I agree 100% It is almost time to lock the gates and man the walls.

OldAFSarge said...

I had remembered the maskirova in Red Storm Rising, thought about it, then said "No way". They may not have initiated it but they certainly are exploiting it. They have no shame, leveraging the blood of children for their nefarious cause. May they be condemned to the Nether Regions and become a portion for foxes.

Six said...

You're right Alemaster and may they all burn for pitting the unwitting against the population.

I wish it wasn't Rev. I really do.

Amen A Simple Man.

My feelings exactly RabidAlien. My grandchildren deserve more than to be caught in a George Orwell nightmare.

It's a very good question NFO. We're at eyes and ears open time but I'm looking to the blue states. Especially California and New York.

It's good to know you're right next door Sarge.

Amen OldAFSarge. It's been bothering me for weeks now. I agree. I don't think Sandy Hook was deliberate maskirovka either but they sure are using it like it was aren't they?

LauraB said...

I have said it, sadly, for years. And I hate that it is true. "You will not vote your way out of this."

We have to give this all up and hope something closer to the original comes springing forth.

Meanwhile, try to keep your head...

Six said...

You have indeed Laura. In my naivete I used to think you wrong. Now I know better and I hope you forgive me my doubt.

instinct said...

I don't think they deliberately cause Sandy Hook, but they had all the tools in place for when it did happen because they knew it would.

I fear for the world my son is growing up in, but I'll teach him everything I know and pray that when it becomes his time there is still an America for him to be proud of.

Six said...

I think you're exactly correct instinct. That's about all we can do at this point my friend.

elidommom said...

It has been said, " never let a good crisis go to waste". If that's the rules in the playbook, then it's far beyond time to change the game.

Six said...

Amen Elidommom.