'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

07 November 2012

You Can't Have It

Well, that was short. Ok, my pity party is officially over. I beg forgiveness for my temporary bout of angst and depression. I promise it will never happen again. I am embarrassed that I was so weak. I was suddenly reminded of my oath today and it gave me heart (plus AGirl helped me remember who I am). Especially this part;

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

I took that oath three times and as far as I'm concerned it still holds, at least this much of it. I left part of it out. I'll get to that in a minute.

I am Warrior Class Six, the self appointed commander of my little slice of the Web. Part of my job is to provide both morale and leadership. Which includes a plan on what happens after a battle is lost. Or at least what I will do. Kind of a lead by example thing.

So. The enemy has been met on the field and the battle well and truly lost. Where do we go from here? First is to recognize that the Culture War is no longer a Cold War. It's full blown combat with all that entails. Our enemies have declared unconditional war and we either accept and fight or fold our tents and slink home, our tails tucked firmly between our legs and our arms slung muzzle down. So be it. I, for one, accept. No quarter will be asked nor granted.

It's no longer about Democrat or Republican (though we may well be working through the rotting carcass of the now dead Republican party). It's about Statists against Constitutionalists. Those who love freedom versus those who would gladly accept the chains and shackles of tyranny both for themselves and everyone else. It's left and right. Them or us. All or nothing.

I don't have a lot of specifics at the moment on just what exactly I will do but I have some ideas and some simple steps I have taken. As time goes by I will write a lot more about this.

The first and most important is assuming the proper mindset. Make no mistake about it, the left in this country wants to dominate and destroy anyone who doesn't agree with them exactly and enthusiastically. There will be no room for dissent or differing opinions. Accept that they see us as the enemy and act accordingly. They are wrong and we are right. Never forget that.

Remember the stakes. Those of us of a certain age are not fighting this for ourselves solely. Lu and I can surely get by no matter how bad things get. We're in this for our children and grandchildren to the nth generation and may they righteously curse us if we fail to even take the field. We can no longer be indifferent, we must take the fight to those who would chain them to the yoke.

We're prepared with the essentials and are stockpiling more even as I write this. Food, weapons, ammo, medical supplies and fuel. Find a good prepper site and study. Worst case scenarios happen every day. Best to be ready for anything, including the financial collapse that is surely in the offing.

Mind, spirit and body are the Warrior Trinity. Keep yours sharp and when needed they will carry you through. Exercise, study and for those so inclined pray. My faith sustains me when all else is gone.

I'm dropping any connections to leftist companies and organizations, starting with AOL. We've kept them mostly because it was simplest. No longer. We must eschew the safe and easy road when faced with clear choices between right and wrong. Cable is going as well as spending on movies made by the Hollywood stars who hate us so much. Starve the beast. Nothing is too small.

If you live in a Blue state and can manage it get out. I am so grateful at this time that Lu and I got out of California. As soon as we can we'll sell the house out there and finally cut those ties permanently. I'll only return to see Car Guy when I can and urge him to leave. Utah may not be perfect but it's reliably Red, has a huge population of Mormons (Who make excellent neighbors and partners in these trying times. Just ask the communists) and has a built in Gun/Prepper culture extant.

Find a way to support those who are fighting the war on a national scale. I'm sending money to Glenn Beck and subscribing to his television and programming site, The Blaze TV. Whatever your opinion of Beck is I'm of the opinion that he's a good bet to take the fight to the enemy on the big stage in a way I don't believe anyone else can. Beck has plans to expand and whatever his real or perceived faults he's a Constitutionalist to the core. We need his voice.You may disagree but choose a platform and get involved.

We're simplifying where and as we can. Some projects I'll put off and the rest I'll do myself. We won't be taking on any new debt and will keep our earnings at a level where our tax burden will be as minimized to extent possible. Every dollar we can find will be going to savings and as the financial cliff nears into cash. We're investing in steel, lead and tools. We're also acquiring new skills or polishing those we already possess. Carpentry/woodworking, welding, plumbing, electrical, canning. All self sufficient skills worth having and salable in a depression economy.

Sad as it may sound, I have ended my relationships with those on the left I imagined as my friends. Friends do not vote for dependency and servitude for my grandchildren. Lines in the sand have been drawn and not by us. We're just finally recognizing they have been there for decades. I am no longer amused by lies, intolerance, hatred and the shredding of our Constitution. I despise the lot of them and I will no longer be associated with such. No more arguments. No more differences of opinion. Damn sure no more compromise. We're being compromised to death and I'm done listening to any of them.

No more RINOs. Do I need to repeat that? No more. Period. We must accept that we will take election losses in the short term for posting true big C Conservatives because we're in a long war. Eventually we will wear them down just by being right so often and we'll start winning again. These things are cyclic but the cycle is short only when we stay determined.

There's more, so much more. But this is just a beginning. My declaration of war if you will. Or at least my acceptance and understanding (finally) that War has long been been declared by the left.  

Which brings me back to that oath. The part I left out that talks about obeying the orders of the President and the officers appointed over me. I no longer have an obligation to be faithful to that portion of the oath. I have been betrayed by this President as I deem him to be actively attempting to destroy the very document he himself is sworn to protect. The document I ultimately pledged my honor to protect and defend. Not a man. Not a party. Not a people. Not even a country. The Constitution of the United Sates of America. My oath holds and I will hold true faith and allegiance to the same. Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This country has experienced and survived worse than what we now face. Much worse. You historians out there hardly need me to tell you that but stop for a moment and reflect on that fact. We have fought for our lives and liberty against the English, Spanish, Germans, Germans again, Japanese, Soviets and each other. Throw in fights like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and some place called The Alamo and we've been shooting at and been shot at by a large percentage of the world. We've left the graves of our patriots in the four corners of the Earth. This is no different. We can win. We will win. Failure cannot be tolerated.

So I have a final message to Obama, Reid, Matthews and all the rest of the  out there who seek our ultimate destruction, loss of freedoms and the total domination of my beloved country. Who seek to own America lock, stock and people.

You Can't Have It.

For each other. For our children. For America.

The war drums are beating. It's time to mount up and sound Boots and saddles. A terrible fight is coming. One we must win.



instinct said...

Agreed. I remember wondering in the 80's how long it would last and now I know.

I work with so-called adults who laugh when I point out that Obamacare puts them under the shackles of the government. Ones person's response was "So, I get free healthcare."

Nothing is free, someone always pays, and it's usually the guys in uniform.

If you do go dark, keep my email. Would love to hear from you (and maybe send you some grips to try out)


A SImple Man said...

I have no need to declare war when it has been declared upon me, my family and unknown patriot brethren. I'lll however accept that war was thrust upon me and gladly fight to my last breath to ensure that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will be passed down for my children and theirs

agirlandhergun said...

Yes, sadly it has come to this.

Lots of very good information in this post. Thank you for sharing.

We need to make some changes, but I intend to be happy not matter what. I haven't let anything stop me so far:)

Your a good man Six.

agirlandhergun said...


Borepatch said...

Don't feel bad about the occasional howl, North. I do my own share of that, too.

Glad you're not instituting radio silence.

Anonymous said...

I will be 75 on the 28th.
I took my oath in 1955.
God has granted me steady hands and clear sight, if called upon I will use these God given powers to resist the coming war.
Be happy and even a little joyous, stay vigilant God will prevail.

Lock and Load

Theredneckengineer said...

I encourage them to push us, and push us hard. Only then will the "fence sitters" see that we were right all along.
Only the will we have enough ground to fight a war on.
Organization and preparation are key to this.
They've won this battle, but the war for freedom and liberty is far from over.

LauraB said...

As I mentioned in a comment, no need to duck and cover all the bloggyness - it is all harvested, annotated and saved on drives in the hands of the enemy. (Though one hopes for a quiet friend or two in the bldg, too...)

One has to just stay strong, recognize the enemy and note its position and priority. I truly hope the rather easy going failure and utter lack of concern for voting improprieties points to some very high level plans to Deal With It. Dear God, let it be so.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work. We'll be canning up dog food this wknd...

Six said...

The grips are still on Mark. And send me a link to your grip site and we'll get you on the site as an advertiser.

Exactly correct Simple Man.

And you're a good woman Girl. I'm glad to know you. I'm with you. I refuse to cower and fret and seethe. Living well is the best revenge and it is that time. Great video, I loved it!

Thanks BP. Your friendship means so much to me. I was mortified that I had insulted and might have alienated you.

Together we are unconquerable Anon. Glad you're still rough and ready. We need you.

I think that's coming Redneck. I'm of the opinion that your skills will be more and more important in the coming years.

Well said as usual Laura. You going to do a post on dog food canning? I'd love to see it and such is going to be so important.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to encourage all patriots to take their children OUT of public school. That's where all this started!

Six said...

Great point Anon. I will be talking about that. Though I may ship that talk to the DO.

Rev. Paul said...

Glad you decided to stick it out. I foresee a time when TPTB will try to silence our voices, so it's best to shout now - while we can still be heard.

Six said...

Thanks Rev. Let our voices rise to the Heavens!

CoolChange©© said...

Well said. As the grandfather of six school age children. I fight the public system every week. Fortunately, I got them before the system did. They can make fire, cook camp soup, sleep in a hammock(that they each made),and other things. They do not discuss these at school.

They all live within a half mile of me and we talk once a week about what they are being taught at school. It is scary what they are being indoctrinated with.

Thank you for your words. I will be standing there also. I may not be able to fight any more. But the patriots will get all the support they need.

Six said...

You're doing The Lord's work with your grandchildren CC and the entire country is indebted to you for it.

Dangerous old men my friend.

Jennifer said...

Amen, brother.

Six said...

Thanks Jennifer.