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03 November 2012

What We Need Today Is Another Lu Shooting Post

Just to take our minds off the pending election.

This was day two of the Lu/S&W M&P 15-22 experiment. We went back to the super secret high desert test range but this time we had something new to shoot at. Steel poppers. Again, I primarily functioned as instructor and magazine loader. These sessions are all about her.

Here's Lu with the poppers in the background. Just something we picked up at the Big Outdoor Store. I love reactive targets. They're an excellent training tool because the shooter gets immediate feedback and who doesn't like to see the steel dance? If you enlarge the picture the you can get a better view of the popper.

An action shot. If you look closely you can see that the second from the left hanging plate is in full recoil.

She's looking good, no?

Good body position. Nice slight forward lean.

Head down on the stock. We experimented with the stock position and worked on getting a good and repeatable cheek weld.  The results spoke for themselves. She rang those little gongs with great regularity.

No range day is complete without a little pistol work. We brought my MKII.

Lu has worked very hard on her sight alignment. She's right handed and cross eye dominant so has had to teach herself how to wink so she can close her left eye. Something she cannot do naturally. She's getting better every day. She's also learning how to shoot iron sights with both eyes open but being cross eye dominant it's a difficult process and one we're taking slowly. She's better with the rifle than the pistol.

Just like the rifle, she rang the poppers with great success. And had a ball. 

Another good and successful day at the range. I love the poppers but there are a lot of great ideas out there for reactive targets. Dann has some great ideas for inexpensive and effective targets. Here and here are just a couple. I am so trying out those dum-dums.



agirlandhergun said...

Sweet! She does look like an ol pro! Good for her!!!

I wanna come along next time:)

Jennifer said...

Looking good! And good for her!

Keads said...

Fantastic! I LOVE shooting steel! Immediate feedback as you say. Good on her. She seems to have a great teacher.

Six said...

You are welcome any time, any day Girl. BBQ and ammo on us!

Thanks Jennifer. You know, she has some great role models on here:)

Thanks Kelly. Hey, I'm just trying to do what I know you would if you were here. I'd love for her to take a class from you!

Murphy's Law said...

Looks like you're both set for the post-election "Obama-be-gone" riots now. Good job, Lu..and good job Six...trying to teach one's significant other is often fraught with difficulties. Way to overcome!

Six said...

Thanks ML. Yep, the ammo stock is high but Angus is no Murphy. I think he needs some Shepherd lessons.

It really is touchy teaching a family member, as you well know. Thankfully Lu is tolerant.