'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 November 2012

Going Dark (Updated with an abject apology to Borepatch)

I am stunned at the election results. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country. Ashamed to be an american.

I'm going to shut down for a while and try to figure out what comes next. I'm of the opinion that attacks on our First and Second Amendment rights are forthcoming over the next 4 years. In that light it's probably better for me to limit my exposure on preparations, thoughts and plans. I may shut the site down for good. Make that probably.

I know some have implied that this would not be a disaster if it occurred* but I disagree. This is the worst thing that could have happened to a people who imagine themselves to be truly free.

Gird your loins, this is going to be a very rough ride.


PS: To Dug. I will send you something in the mail to settle our wager. Do with it what you will but it won't be appearing here. You said in your comment that if I believed certain things it would be best to go our separate ways. That time is now. Don't comment and don't reply to my e-mail. I'm through with you and everyone who thinks like you. Yes, I am that angry.

 * I'm Sorry BP. I never meant to imply that this was an outcome you were advocating for. I need to be more precise in my words. Especially when I'm operating under the influence of anger. My fault not yours and I do apologize for putting words in your mouth that you never wrote.  I hope you can forgive me.

Edit the second. My e-mail is now down. I'm dumping AOL and anything leftist that I can. I should have a new e-mail address as soon as I find a decent provider. Anyone have a suggestion?


The DO said...

That's all I can think. For the first time I'm truly angry at my nation. I'm truly ashamed. For the first time ever I cast my eyes out to other lands, thinking that there might be my future.

Sarge said...

I'll be with you six, Do, you've got the means to protect your family make sure you and yours are safe. This will be a slow process, so keep that in mind. Buy an extra box of bullets each time you go to the store and be vigilant make a plan.

JD said...

The Texas independence (secession) movement is literally on fire as I type.

Being a native Texas and no longer willing to call myself an American after the majority of our populace elected a known fraud, liar, socialist/marxist in for a second term, I tossed my DD214 in the fireplace and signed up for the Texas independence effort and gave funds to it as well.

It's going to get ugly. Effing ugly.


Paladin said...

I can completely understand your anger, Six. In fact anger doesn't really do the emotion justice.

I hope you do continue the blog once you've mulled things over for a bit. There's ways to do it and maintain OpSec, I believe. If not, and you decided to stay dark, I wish you and yours the best. You're a good guy.

agirlandhergun said...

I'm with you Six. The problem is with the people. This man could. It have been re elected if the people had not changed so much. We have turned from a nation of proud people willing to work to lazy, selfish, and stupid sheep.

I am trying to be calm and not over react. I read Weer'd and Borepatch and hope they are right, but a part of me doesn't see how in one generation or two we can change an entire populations new "give me" attitude.

Steve said...

When I went into the service, I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both foreign and domestic. After yesterday, I do firmly believe that we have a domestic enemy running this country.

A SImple Man said...

Just remember "God helps those who help themselves" I'lll be praying on that.
Psalm 144.1

Borepatch said...

"Desirable" doesn't really capture my opinion of this outcome.

Anonymous said...

FWIW Six, I went to war as a soldier from the greatest nation on earth. This morning I woke up a citizen of a Third World Country. regards, Alemaster

Jennifer said...

I understand. You know who your friends are. We'll miss you if you stay dark.

LauraB said...

I understand entirely. You have our contact info. You know what to do.

As for TX - when Sarge first asked me about the move, I was ready and willing. Because I believed then and do now that it will be forced to separate itself.

And it is the one place that freedom may well last...perhaps I'll ask the Boss just that at the Xmas Party.

instinct said...

I'm in New Mexico, I would gladly meet you all in Texas and set up shop there.

Six said...

You may want to delete yourself from the site honey. Sarge and I have little to lose but you do. I'll call you.

We need to go shopping Sarge. We'll talk later.

Don't tempt me JD. Texas is the best place in America to be at the moment.

Thanks Paladin. I do believe you're right. I'm going to attempt that anyway.

Thanks AGirl. We must hang together or surely...But you know the rest.

I do too Steve and I've been thinking on that very oath.

Thank you Simple Man. That means a lot to me, especially in light of what you're going through.

I abjectly apologize BP. I put words in your mouth you never uttered. I have no excuse beyond anger clouding my vision. I hope you can forgive me.

Those were my exact thoughts Alemaster. Time to open that bottle. I feel the need for some courage.

Thanks Jennifer. It's more important than ever that we keep our friends close and you and your wonderful husband are at the top of that list.

That goes for you and The Sarge also Laura. I have a feeling that your Governor is going to be a leader in the coming days.

That's sounding better and better Instinct. So many great folks out there and it may end up being a true bastion.

Anonymous said...

Six, I've made some good bets and some foolish ones but it's a sure thing that your courage doesn't come from a bottle. I'll take that to the bank! No doubt, no way. respectfully, Alemaster

Six said...

Thank you my friend.

Rotorheads Rule the skies!!