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28 November 2012

I've Reached My Photo Limit On Blogger (Updated)

I've hit my 1 GB limit and now Blogger won't let me post any more photos without paying for more storage space. Absent moving to Wordpress does anyone out there have any advice? I can't continue this blog without posting pictures.


My IT person and wonderful  daughter, The DO, has set us up with a Photobucket account. Thank you all for your tips and advice. I'm guessing that sooner or later I'll have to pony up to someone for unlimited storage but I'll put that day of reckoning off for as long as I can.


The DO said...

Photobucket. I'll set you up an account. Check thy email dear Pa-pa.

Rev. Paul said...

I've not seen any messages about my limit since paying the $10 annual fee to own my page. Hope that helps.

Paladin said...

I'm a flickr guy, myself. I pay for the service because I backup a TON of photographs on there, but they have a free membership with some size restrictions. Never had a problem with the site and you can make your pictures visible to everyone on flickr, just to selected people, or to no one but you.

Aaron de Bruyn said...

I've been a big fan of Tumblr.com for a while now...decent blogging platform--especially with 'Disqus' comments.

Six said...

Thanks to all for your advice. The DO has us on Photobucket for the moment but we'll be looking at other fixes.

I appreciate all the shared knowledge.