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20 November 2012

Final Concrete

Four and a half yards delivered this morning. Lu and I poured and finally finished the driveway extension. Ignore the slop at the edge. I'll clean that up after it dries and the main pour sets.

You can see the new section in relation to the overall driveway and fence. We added right at 600 square feet of surface area between the last two pours. That's seven and one half cubic yards of concrete. I can now drive right up to my garage without having to go off road.

I even had enough to put in a small pad between the garage and fence for the garbage cans. No more trying to tug them over gravel and mud.

The driveway extension is now done and with it much of the front of the house. How much have we done?

We went from this

To this

To this

And finally this. The garage is in, the driveway poured, the fence is up and lots of decorative gravel because I'm lazy and low maintenance yards make me smile. It's clean, weed free and simple. Plus we now have enough parking for even one of Lu's family gatherings. Lu and I did every bit of the work ourselves with the occasional assist from family.

I'm happy and more importantly Lu is happy. The big outside stuff is done for the Winter. I'm moving operations inside until Spring.

Next up? I believe I'll be starting on the grandkids' room. I want to divide the space into two rooms, take out a window and two doors, add in three windows and three doors and generally make it ready for Summer visits. It's going to be a busy year. Those people who say they were never so busy until after they retired? Yeah, they're optimists.



Aaron said...

Very nice job indeed.

Six said...

Thanks Aaron. Not professional quality by any means but then I work much cheaper :)

Borepatch said...


Six said...

Thanks BP!

Old NFO said...

Very nice! And I'm looking forward to 'that' busy! :-)

Six said...

Thanks NFO. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it!

Coop said...

well done dude... It's nice to get those big projects crossed off the To Do List, ain't it?

Six said...

Thanks Coop. It really is. I'm taking the entire day off today and just reveling in the idea that I have no more concrete to pour!