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13 November 2012

Three Authors And A Doctor Speaking Out.

In light of the election it's now clear that obamacare is the law of the land and will be so until single payer finally gets enacted. Clearly that is the anticipated end game. To that end we must be as informed as possible and start taking steps to both understand the coming health care nightmare and deal with the consequences. A good place for that information, and a reminder for anyone who has not yet read it, is DrRich's book, Open Wide And Say Moo at his Covert Rationing blog. You can either get it as an e-book or read it right on his site. Two things. First. I have no motivations beyond education for promoting this book. DrRich, while a heck of a guy, isn't paying me a thing. Second. DrRich is most emphatically not a quack or a crank. He's just one very smart doctor who has a clear view of what's coming and has some workable solutions and suggestions. We've become friends (at least of the e-mail variety) and my take is he's scary smart.

I talked earlier about the need for conservatives to speak out and be brave. Especially for those who have an audience but also have something to lose. DrRich is one of them and I've added another to the blogroll. SF/Fantasy author Sarah Hoyt. She's a Portuguese immigrant and a solid conservative and American. She's also decided she wants to be a voice in the wilderness and is getting the usual "I hate you now that I know what you believe and I'll/we'll never buy your books again" messages. She's now on my reading list and I recommend her to all of you who enjoy her offerings. if not check out her blog and read her musings on where we are, where we're going and what we do now. As someone who lived through the nightmare of 1978 Portugal, she's amply qualified to comment. Also a heck of an author.

Add in Larry Correia (who also knows and supports Sarah) and we've got three shining examples from the publishing, professional  and medical worlds who are unafraid to speak truth to the growing power in the east.

Allies are where we find them but once declared they must be supported lest the forces of division and chaos destroy them and still their voices.



agirlandhergun said...

Thanks Six! Will check out the links!

The DO said...

Huh. I've read Correia's page, of course, but not Hoyt's. I've read a book of hers, though! One you gave me! But never her blog. I must admit, it's impressively written, with fantastic tone and knowledge. Will def add her to my once a week blog surf:)-

Six said...

My pleasure Girl.

I like her books but when I read her blog I was really impressed sweetie. Plus she tends to hold conversations in her comments that she participates in regularly. You'll like her.

Old NFO said...

Already have links to Correia, and I'll go check out the others; thanks!!!

Six said...

My pleasure NFO.