'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 December 2010


A few things that popped up on the radar this weekend.

I just joined the Patriot Guard Riders. I hate the necessity but am honored to have a chance to give service to those who have given their last true measure of devotion. I've added a link to them in the Warrior Roll.

The continuing erosion of freedom aka Dumpster diving. Forget that california is dead broke. Forget that LA has had to cut back on Fire, library and abandoned child care services. How about someone in that state recognizing the concept of personal privacy and a sense of priorities. Another reason (of many) that I'm glad we escaped that cesspool.

This is almost too funny. I don't know. $14.95 to read something I already knew?

I'm now living in an area that gets some snow and can get pretty dang cold. We're adjusting but re-learning things we used to know. Brigid hits another home run with this post on cold weather preparations. Thanks Brigid.



Anonymous said...

Six, My brother is very active in the Blue Knights MC here in Kentucky. His chapter, BK XI KY, and the others in the area make up a big contingent of the Patriot Guard. Not only am I proud of his commitment to our community via his LE career, I am thankful for the BK's and other LEO's support of the PG and our fallen warriors. regards, Alemaster

innominatus said...

I admire the PG. If/when you have to punch a hippie or Westboro moron, I hope you put it on YouTube. That'd be a fun thing to watch.

Six said...

Please send on my regards and thanks to your brother Alemaster.

I admit I'm going to be sorely tested if those scum get within fist or foot range Inno. I'm probably going to need a keeper.

Sarge said...

Hey Six, I'm also a member of the PG. Don't own a bike but they let me tag along. I do have a PG banner that fits on the windshield of your bike. If you remind me I'll throw it over the fence. Thanks for joining the PG they are a great bunch and do some very good work.

Ed Rasimus said...

PG did a truly incredible job at USAFA during the Robin Olds memorial service a couple of years ago. There wouldn't have been any Westboro loons there anyway, but it was impressive.

Blue Knights are a good group as well. We've got another bunch around here (although they are national) called Iron Pigs. Same basic membership as BK but a whole lot crustier.

As for Brigid's snow advice, ABSOLUTELY! We had an October blizzard one year when I was living in Colorado Springs and it killed a dozen people who were simply out for dinner on a Friday nite in late fall shirts without jackets or boots in the car. Semper Paratus.

Six said...

Sounds good Pop, thanks.

I'm glad to hear that about PG Ed. From all I've seen they're a great group. A dozen? Holy crap. PPPPPP indeed.