'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

27 December 2010


On Christmas Eve the weather finally cleared so Lu and I decided that a ride was in order. It's still pretty wet so a trail ride was out so we busted out the road bikes. There's some great roads right outside our house. I know I keep saying things like this but I'm loving living in a place where a great ride starts from our front door.

This is an area that still has a lot of agriculture and ranching. I took this photo of Lu just a couple of miles into the ride. You can see the snow on Pine Valley in the distance with an irrigation wheel just behind her.

Just a bit further down the road is the Hurricane Airport, Elevation 3347 feet. It's a small airport catering to small, private aircraft with some hangers and some tie downs. About 7 miles down the road is a small community called Sky Ranch. It's a fly in subdivision with it's own air strip. each home has it's own hanger. Pretty cool. I'll post some photos next time we ride out that way.

South of the Airport and atop the hills behind and west of it is Mollies Nipple. I have no idea who Molly was but I think the descriptive origination of the name is obvious. When I was in High School this area was much as it is now but even less inhabited. Many a kegger and Jungle Juice party was thrown in the shadow of the inimitable Miss Mollie's famous protuberance. Not that I'd know. I heard is all. I swear.

It was a great day and a fantastic ride. The road is sparsely traveled and the drivers are polite and careful. Such a change from California where the drivers seem to take a perverse pleasure in seeing how close they can get without actually running you over.

It's started raining again but I think we're going to be able to ride year round. Mostly. As we ride and explore I am going to take the time to photo and document much of the area. It's beautiful country and the local government works hard to insure public access to all of it. Public access to public lands. What a concept.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. New Years is right around the corner. Then the real fun begins. Have I mentioned how much work I have to do on this house?

It's gonna be a great year.



innominatus said...

I've only passed through Utah, and none of what I saw was as pretty as where you guys are at.

Six said...

Luckily the area we live in is right at the entrance to Zion Park. It was settled by the Mormons in about 1845 and centered on agriculture, especially cotton (It's even called Utah's Dixie). Once you get away from the mountains in any direction it gets pretty bleak. We're pretty lucky that Lu's ancestors chose here instead of Central or Northern Utah.

Anonymous said...

So Brother in Law, I know I wrote here on your blog but I dont see it, and I really do not know how to use this thing LOL, BUT it was so awesome to share in your Oyster Chowder tradition this year, I hope it will be one of many more in the years to come. Howard and I had such a great time spending time with you and Linda Mom and Dad, and later Mike and Michele came over and I got to talk to Steve, Becky Butch Libbi and ALL my kids thats a first in 30+ years how awesome!!! Yes its going to be a GREAT Year!!!

Love ya
Your Sis in Law

Six said...

It was great to see you guys. Plus, Howard knows more about my Corvette than I do!