'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

11 December 2010

Army Navy And Ruminations On Turkey Dogs

Chrisi was wandering around last night, casting her sad puppydog eyes at Lu and I. I'm still not sure what she wanted but I decided she needed a treat. I opened a new package of Turkey dogs and gave her one. She slurped it down (really, did you even taste that!?) and politely inquired if perhaps she could have another. Well, she's 14 now and Lu and I tend to not deny her about anything she wants at this stage so I gave her another. And another. 8 turkey dogs later she had consumed 1 pound of the things and still gave me the sad eyes. I figured a pound was probably enough though she seemed to disagree.

Last night she fell asleep on the floor on my side of the bed. And farted her way through the night. You know those gaseous dog emanations where you can actually see the results? Yeah, hers were a glowing green mist that seemed to hover over the bed, bathing Lu and I in a soft, radioactive blanket of Turkey dog farts. Silent but truly deadly. Who knew turkey Dogs were so dangerous?

But Chrisi's intestinal Krytonite is not why we're here today. Today is the college football game of the year, the only game I truly have any great interest in. It's Army vs Navy and a game I freely admit I love.

These kids will, almost without exception, never play a down of professional football and they know it. There are a few but the number is now so small as to be statistically insignificant. Those kids play for the joy of the game, for the honor of representing their service and for each other. It's still the purest form of amateur athletics left in America. Most of the Seniors will be in combat within the year or even sooner and all will take their commission and go on to serve their country. I hold these young men in great respect and admiration. I will cry when the National Anthem is sung and again at the end of the game when the two teams stand together for the singing of their Academy songs. They are truly worthy representatives of America.

So. With all due respect to my brothers and sisters in the Navy (You know I love you all)

Go Army, Beat Navy!

Game's on at 1230 Mountain Time.


Update: 24-7 Navy at the half. Ouch.
Final: 31-17 Navy. 9 years straight. ORPO will never let me live it down.


ORPO1 said...


Six said...

Ok, there's one fine Navy man heard from. Now, where's my back up?

Ed Rasimus said...

Ahh, yes, the runner-up bowl for the CinC trophy.

Six said...

Much as it pains me to say it Ed, AF just seems to have a better program at the moment.

Dang Zoomies.

Ed Rasimus said...

AF owned the trophy in the late '80s/90s. Then Navy had the string. Been a long while since the Black Knights went to the White House. Of course, my recommendation to the Falcons would to have a better offer for dinner in January.

Anonymous said...

As soon as The USMA can offer America's finest more exotic career equipment the football equality might improve. Dare I say, drag the Piper Enforcer back out in Army colors! As for dinner in DC, whichever team attends will show more respect than, gulp, cinc Zero shows them. But, that's just me. regards, Alemaster

Six said...

I had to turn it off after half time. I just couldn't watch any more.

Ed Rasimus said...

Tonite, the rejuvenated Cowboys face the rehabilitated dog-killer in Jerry Jones' massive TV rec room.

The Enforcer? Even the Navy can deal with that. You don't want to address air dominance in Colorado Springs.

Anonymous said...

Close Air Support! The Army did the air dominance thing during "the big one" and all that did for us was spin off a "junior sister service." The guys in the air dominance branch are pretty good at doing that along with delivering "stuff" and putting steel on targets with high speed delivery systems. But a bunch of 19 year olds flying Enforcers and Apaches would be a hoot. CAS, Ed, the future is in CAS. regards and respectfully, Alemaster

Six said...

FAC, TAC and Napalm?