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28 December 2010

Indians For Guns RKBA Article

Right to Protection- A Fundamental Responsibility & Failure of the Indian State
By- Vikram, Kona

That is an article I read on the Indians For Guns website the other day. It's a look at the RKBA issues from the perspective of an Indian gun rights activist. As I read I was struck more by our similarities than our differences. The article is by Vikram, Kona and, in my opinion, it's a brilliant treatise on gun rights and the duties and limitations of the state. It's a little long so I'm going to simply link to the PDF of the article. 11 pages and worth every one of them.

Vikram covers crime, policing, guns in India and more. I highly recommend it as well as their attendant website. Vikram is a fine writer who knows the material and is as passionate about RKBA as anyone I've ever read.

Vikram has given me permission to reproduce it here and send it out so if you have any problems seeing it please let me know and I'll e-mail you the article.

More brothers and sisters in the fight for our basic human rights. We can never have too many friends. Well done Vikram.


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