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03 April 2009

What Have We Done?

Another member of The Warrior Class, and a true patriot, speaks Truth and Common Sense. Posted with permission from the author.


After all the warnings, hand wringing, and savage talk, America chose to do what would never be thought possible only a few years ago---elect a far-left President and Congress hell-bent on “CHANGING” this country into a Socialist State. Sometimes, I wonder how many Americans understand what this really means. My thoughts initially were to give the new President a chance, and not make snap decisions based on out-of-control rhetoric during the campaign. Well, that worked well, and now we are beginning to see that the President is doing exactly what he promised during the campaign, and NO ONE LISTENED!!! The masses were overwhelmed with silver-tongued, no-logic promises that most knew could never be fulfilled.

Soon, the American people will have witnessed enough of this madness. They are a smart lot, and when they have seen enough they will start to ask the big question, “WHAT HAVE WE DONE”? However, the real question will be, “IS IT TOO LATE”?

I do not wish to dwell on the multitude of mistakes that have already been made during the first 60 days of this administration, both foreign and domestic. It must be obvious even to the fiscally irresponsible far-left that the nation is heading unimpeded toward bankruptcy. We hear the President speak often of the deficit. He is not talking about the national debt. He is talking about the rate in which we are increasing the debt. So when he says he will cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, he is actually saying he will cut the rate at which the debt is increasing by the end of his first term. That is absolutely not good enough. Even Bill Clinton, with the help of a Republican Congress, showed a surplus in deficit spending for a short period. That is accomplished only when you have a growing economy. Now equate that to our economic situation today, and it is obvious this is just another fabrication conjured up by this administration. AMERICANS WAKE UP before it is too late. It is highly probably that the debt is not repayable even as we speak, and it is growing at the most alarming rate in history. Just the annual interest on the current debt is larger than our annual military budget.

Even more frightening is the fact that the President and his cross-party impaired Secretary of Defense have decided to reduce the capability of our military by cutting funding for many badly needed weapon systems, which were designed to replace old and worn out existing systems. The US Air Force F-22 comes to mind. A bird designed to provide Air Superiority for the next 50 years. The initial contract for this system was for near 700 aircraft. It has been cut to 183 now, and possible even will be ended early. Thank you far-left politicians, as your timing is great. Again, as during the Jimmy Carter years, you are cutting our military in favor of increasing welfare and social programs. At least when Jimmy Carter did his infamous magic act, we were not facing a major threat. However, today we face the most serious threat to this nation since WWII. For goodness sake, what part of this does Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, Murtha, Kerry, Durbin, Maxine, Waxman, Boxer, Feinstein, (and on and on), not understand.

Now, here is a strange, new thought. Why not put a large portion of that stimulus money toward expanding and equipping our military. Many good folks who were there will tell you that the Great Depression was ended because of our war production preparing to enter WWII, not the mumbling and bungling of FDR. I believe this to be true, so why not kill several birds with one stone. Why not stimulate the economy by rebuilding/expanding the greatest institution in this country, our US Military. At the same time we would be rebuilding deterrence capable of defeating conventional enemies on two fronts without stressing our forces, as our civilian-leader-developed doctrine has dictated throughout the history of this nation. Why not rebuild an infrastructure capable of producing again, save the auto manufacturing capability and put people back to work. Was it Ronald Reagan who said, “There has never been a nation attacked because it was too strong”? And, oh by the way, talking to, and appeasing Middle-East terrorist---please give me a break!!! These are complex times, but they warrant simple answers that work. It will be fun to watch the far-left spin this one, as their lame brained approach continues to fail!

Conservatives out number the far-left by large numbers, and I realize I am preaching to the choir. I spent the majority of my adult life wearing the uniform of this country, and I still bear allegiance to the oath I took many years ago to “defend this nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. That is why I continue to utter phrases such as, “How many times have you heard the phrase, AMERICA WAKE UP”??? Well, it is time for AMERICA TO WAKE UP, before the dream has ended. There was a lot of prepping and planning over a long period of time to get us to the devilish point we are at today, and it will take serious thought and effort if we are to reverse it. Because conservatives have the numbers, it is possible to turn this around, but they must wake up and act. I am absolutely sure there are some good clear-thinking Democrats out there who feel the same. Together, with our combined power of the vote, we can fix this, and the parties can begin to work together again for the benefit of this great nation.

Let’s take it one step at a time. First, it is imperative that we restore some form of check-and-balance to our government. Again, I know there are many great Democrats and Republicans out there who understand the problem, and want to restore this country to its path of greatness. I am neither, but I am a conservative who understands the danger of any political party possessing a majority in all three branches of government. A one-party system is simply a dictatorship. The overwhelming threat today is that the controlling party is a well financed, far-left, Socialist group who have gained control of the Democratic Party. It is so essential that the people, both Democrat and Republican, take a close look at what is happening. This movement can be brought to a crawl, or maybe even stopped, simply by real Americans going to the polls and casting a sensible vote. This next election cycle is crucial to the future of America. Common sense must prevail!!! It will go against all odds, but achieving a majority in the US Senate by the Republican Party is the only way to restore the common-sensed check-and-balance system that has made this country great. If the roles were reversed, and the Republicans Party was dominant, the same would be true.

In summary, the solution for the short term is simple. Clear thinking Democrats and Republicans, both, have a duty to do what is right for America. They should band together to create a Congress that represents all the people, that is accepting of new ideas and listens to the people. With the current crop of self-indulgent politicians in Washington today, it is impossible to adopt “term limits”, which are part of the long term solution. However, it is possible to vote for more equity in maintaining a true two-party system. So, if you are beginning to question what is happening to our country under the current administration, and on the fence about what can be done, make the question of maintaining a viable the two-party system a major consideration when casting your vote in the next election. THE FUTURE OF OUR KIDS DEPENDS UPON IT!!!!

Jim Cash, Brig Gen, USAF Ret.

Thank you for your inspiring words and your continuing service to America General Cash. I cannot thank you enough for speaking out at a time when America needs your Patriotism and Common Sense so badly.

The Six

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