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01 April 2009

GM Was Only The Beginning

So the, I just can't write that man's name here. Lets just refer to the president as The Big O.

So The Big O decided the president can now take direct, personal control of a major American Corporation. He fired the GM CEO.

Oh, you can say he resigned under pressure or for the "good of the company" but the reality is he was fired. By the president. Our government has such pervasive control that they can make hiring and firing decisions in private business.

Just an isolated incident you say? Better ask the CEO of Bank Of America. The SEIU (Service Employees International Union may they all rot in hell) has recommended that The Big O fire him as well. All in the interest of improving the economy of course. Nothing personal there. Like maybe employee/employer relationships for example.

And that's not all. They're talking about exercising control of the salaries of workers in those same private businesses. Will yours be next? Mine? Everyone's?

Barney Frank thinks it's all just a peachy idea. Replace the corporate fat cats with what?

Government fat cats of course. Friends and supporters of the liberals in power.

And we all know how well big government runs things. Don't we?

I'm feeling all warm and gooey inside just thinking about mama and papa taking care of all my wants and needs. From cradle to grave.

Freedom isn't for the weak. It's for the strong.

Be strong. Be free.

The Six


Pop said...

I went to a VA meeting tonight it was put on by the Utah VA. First thing out of thier mouths was "we are the Government and we're here to help you',"no you won't need an attorny". I went and hired an attorney. In my experence when the gov say we're here to help you better start nailing stuff down because your going to loose something.This was a total waste of money these people come down from their puzzel palace in slc and try to convince the huddeled masses that they want to help but then if you ask a question about a va claim the first answer is no we can do that here you have to come to SLC for that and you must have all the proper forms filled out with no blank spaces, I don't know what we the tax payer is getting for the money.

The Six said...

You hit the nail right on the head Pop. Just what are we getting for our trillions of tax dollars?
Not a damn thing except more obfuscation and less service.
Time to throw the whole bunch the hell out!