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06 April 2009

Balance of Power

Or: the Freedom Bubble.

Balance of power is important to all members of a society. It dictates who is allowed to do what, and is an evolving dynamic in modern societies. The Founding Fathers (FFs) laid down EXACTLY what the Federal Government (FG) was (and because of the demands of a few) what it was not allowed to do. In essence the Constitution is the recording of the only legitimate things Congress can do. Um, read it lately? No? Here's a link.

Just an FYI, universal health care isn't in there. Oh, and neither is a standing army (another story for another day).

Congress has managed to manipulate the atmosphere of our society so often that we might as well abolish the constitution for all that anyone pays attention to it.

But I digress. My point was about balance of power.

There is only so much power in any political system; when one member of the system gains more power the other, obviously, loses power. The FFs tried very hard to put in place a system by which the people maintained the highest level of freedom as was possible. They did so by laying down the specific place where the FG had sovereignty. All other sovereignty belonged to the states.

The easiest way to illustrate this was taught to me by a true patriot, a History teacher by the name of Mr. Lewis. He illustrated the above idea perfectly.

The power in a society can be imagined as a big sphere, all freedoms and laws fill that sphere.

When there are fewer laws the people have the greater power, and therefore, great freedoms.

By implementing laws the power shifts to the Government and leaves the people with less power and, therefore, lesser freedom.

Yeah.... AND? Well, friends, as I mentioned before, the Constitution says nothing about Social Security. Universal Healthcare. Income tax (illegal, BTW). "Hate Crimes". Gun laws. Welfare. All this "stuff" has been put into place against the mandate of the states and the people of the original USA. We have corrupted their system and made a laughing stock of their morals. I'll lead you down that road, and it is an uuugly road.

The above is a simple explanation of one of the basic tenants of what was once a very liberal idea: THE PEOPLE OF A NATION HAVE THE RIGHT TO MORE POWER THEN THE GOVERNMENT. When it was first put forth it was the most liberal idea known since the self governments of the Ancient Mediterranean states. Yet it is now the "conservatives" fighting for them.... What's with that?

The problem is that it is fashionable to discard all "old" ideas as "bad" ideas. There is no longer a sense of preserving, or conserving, what worked well from our heritage. Such a thing is scoffed at in our most liberal of countries. Through the years we have thrown away all moral values, social norms, and stabilizing social mores for the greater god of The New.

Bow before him, as he is almighty.

Except that the "modern" American liberal is retracing the barbaric and exterminatory Marxists and the equally brutal and contemptible French Revolutionaries. Both of who massacred their own people and failed miserably.

Oh... Yeah, they are following them pesky Nazi's too. You'll see... Oh, read on as we keep posting and you'll see.

The leftists are a brutal bunch of people and have been for 100 years. They will stop at nothing to gain ALL political power for themselves and will leave bodies behind in their attempt. To think otherwise is not only folly, it is utter suicide.

For more info on Restoring the Constitutional Government this is a great article.

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