'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

28 April 2009


So Arlen Specter decided to go Democrat. Finally.

The truth is he's one of those squishy Republicans I've mentioned once or twice who cause conservatives way more problems than they solve. He's been a closet liberal for as long as I've been aware of him so it is no loss for the Repubs.

Now. Let me be clear about this. I'm a Conservative. That's with a capital C. Not necessarily a Republican. The Republicans lost me quite a while ago. They had a chance way back in 94 to do everything a Conservative could desire to make sure this country stayed free and prosperous. Taxes, borders, language, security, dead bad guys. Everything. Instead they screwed and spent their asses right the hell out of office and BO and the rest of the Commie Youth into power. Along the way they pretty much screwed and spent the rest of the country into hell as well. The Republicans had both houses and the Presidency and they totally blew it.

One thing you can say about BO, he's kept his eye on the ball and he's getting pretty much everything he wants. Too bad what he wants is socialism and absolute power.

Who's to blame? Hell, just put up a roster of leading Republicans and throw a dart at it. Which leads me back to Specter the Sleazeball. I heard him say that the Republican party has gone too far right. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Just the opposite is true. The Republican party was thrown out of office precisely because they went too far to the left. And who was out in front, waving his little red hammer and sickle flag?

Arlen "Sleazeball" Specter. He's an opportunist, sticking his finger up to test which way the wind is blowing. He knows he'll never get past a Republican primary ever again so he's coming out of the political closet and affirming what we've always known. He's a hack and has absolutely no morals, scruples or conscience. A perfect commissar and the left is welcome to him. If the people of Pennsylvania ever re-elect this boil, no matter which party he claims, I'll erase that state from my map and consign them the title of Stupidest in the Union. I wonder how the folks who gave him money and got his sorry ass elected feel about him today?

If the Republican party wants me back, and incidentally wants themselves back as the dominant political power, they not only need to shed dip shits like Sleazeball, it is an absolute requirement. Specter shouldn't have had the chance to change his affiliation, Michael Steele and the rest of the 'leadership' should have thrown his leftist ass out of the party long ago. It's time and past time to get rid of the traitorous scum in their midst. Time to take the party back to it's Reagan ideals.

I'm tired of saying this. Stop trying to get along with the left. Stop trying to find a common ground. Stop allowing them to set the agenda and define the argument and the language.
Bi-partisan is a curse word and should be stricken from the Conservative lexicon. I don't want to get along with those who want to enslave me and my grandchildren. I want to kick their asses and run them the hell out of office and out of political life completely. This is a war of ideas. A war for for our very liberties and it's being run by the likes of Specter? It is insanity to give credence to the enemies of everything good and moral and right in America. They're wrong and it's time for the Republicans to put on their big boy pants and do battle with these half wits. If Specter wants to associate himself openly with them (For the first time. His political leanings surprise exactly no one) send him out with a big old Conservative boot print on his ass.

The Republicans need a plan and they need to understand that people like Specter make it impossible for them to ever be more than a historical footnote. They're already at the bottom. It's time to stop digging and start building a ladder. Specter is a nice first rung but there's a lot more where he came from. Of course it's long way back to the top. Baby steps kids, baby steps.

It's a long ride boys and girls. Saddle up.

The Six.

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