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14 April 2009

Rightwing Extremism?

The Sarge and I talked about this at some length. We are of the mind that this outrage is not being taken seriously enough.

I've provided a link to the original document (it's pretty long). I got it here: DHS Report Warns Of Right Wing Extremists Political Hotsheet - CBS News. Just in case anyone might think we got it through subterfuge and are leaking it out all over the place, I got the link from a CBS online story. If the link is dead just google the above and you'll find it. It's everywhere. You need to read this right now.

The msm seems to be silent on this. No great surprise there. What is surprising is the silence from vets. Well, The Sarge and I are vets and we're not going to let this excrement stand unanswered. If you think we're bad just wait until the DO sees this. She's going to go off!

This is exactly what we've been talking about. This administration must demonize the Warrior Class if they are to institute the socialization and enslavement of America. Don't take my word for it. Please go and read this document, prepared and disseminated to American law enforcement by our government. How long before the arrests begin? How long before anyone not towing the O line gets labeled as a terrorist, a subversive, a criminal? How long before we become unpersons?

How long before all retiring and separating vets are required to undergo "psychological counseling" before separation? Drugs? Brainwashing? Can you say "probationary releasee?"

Are we being paranoid? I'd have said so not so very long ago. Like yesterday, before I read this. No longer. I think we're not being paranoid enough.

I know, I know, the DHS released a similiar document about left wing groups earlier this year. What's the difference you ask? The DHS named specific groups and even individuals in that document. This one is so broadly drawn that anyone might fall under it's warnings. When you can't find the bad guys just smear everyone huh? Profiling is a bad thing for some but not for others it seems. Wait, I thought profiling was always bad. I guess not.

The tag line under the header of this blog says "Silent No More." Folks, we've got to make ourselves heard by those who would make us the bogeymen. That our country would make vets and anyone who thinks the currrent administration is one small step away from the USSA the enemy is fucking outrageous. We are not the enemy, we are the guarantors of liberty and peace. We are the Warrior Class.

We have made no threats beyond working within the system to vote out of office those we believe are trying to take away our freedoms and staying true to the Oaths we swore. It seems some believe that such thinking may constitute domestic terrorism. Such are the actions of the despicable.

Of course, if you're a pal of the O even being a, you know, actual and admitted domestic terrorist if perfectly ok. Right William Ayers? After all, he espouses the correct idealogy. Go here to see if I'm full of shit or not; William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire
Hat Tip to zombietime

Is that grease I see on the slope to hell?

I believe it is.

The Six
The Sarge


Doohickie said...

Worldwide, the enemy is extremism. If you follow the limits of the Constitution, there is nothing to worry about. It is those from either side who seek to overthrow the Constitution and our way of life that should worry, and rightly so. The Somali extremists who are pirating off their shores? Toast. The Islamic extremists worldwide who hate us just because we allow freedom? Their days are numbered. It is lawlessness that is the enemy.

I read an article in the British publication The Economist during the Clinton administration. It predicted that with the fall of communism, the next great cause would be "closing the gap". The "gap" is the band of lawlessness that rings the globe. George W. Bush fired the warning shot with the proclamation of the Axis of Evil. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. The gap is all nations who do not follow any sane rule of law.

The article predicted that the U.S. would instigate a war against one of the gap countries. It said that how the U.S. dealt with this, and whether it got the world to support their efforts, would dictate the eventual success or failure of this next generation's cause.

Although I view Iraq as a potential quagmire, I am starting to believe this gap theory. The Somali pirates is what changed my mind. The fact that the U.S. and France (of all nations!) are most aggressive in defending their interests in the seas off Somalia was what convinced me that this will be a long, sustained struggle.

The threat within is real; there are those who will foment extremism on both sides to divide our nation. The key is that we must stay together so that we can face the numerous threats abroad and close the gap.

The Six said...

Very good points Doohickie. I'm with you on following the Constitution. The problem is extremism on one side must breed extremism on the other. Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. (I can't recall the reference on that. If anyone can name the author please let me know)
The threat within does not come from conservatives or returning veterans. The threat within comes from those who would move us away from capitalism and liberty toward socialism and a repression of freedom.
I see this country moving away from the Constitution. Are we being divided? Yeah, probably. But I don't see a simple solution. I don't think raising our voices and demanding a return to the liberties guaranteed in that document as divisive. It might even be inclusive. We are all Americans and the defense of liberty should be a rallying cry.
The Six

Doohickie said...