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17 April 2009


As The Six, one of my jobs is the morale of the men and women under my command. Well, never let it be said that The Six is asleep at the wheel. In that vein I present FLEA (tongue planted firmly in cheek).
The Six

For Official Use Only

From: The Coordinator, State Law Enforcement Cooperation (C-SLEC)
To: All Local, County and State Law Enforcement Agencies
Subject: Radical Federal Law Enforcement Officials and Their Potential for Violence

This report is the result of a multi-year intelligence gathering study by various state agencies (primarily State Highway Patrol, County Sheriff Offices and Local Police Departments). The object was to ascertain the potential for violence and civil rights abuses by the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (FLEA) including the FBI, BATF, IRS and DHS.

Key Findings
The C-SLEC Office of Intelligent Analysis has no specific information that any federal agency or any agent or director plans specific violent acts or civil rights abuses but their potential is manifest. That potential, coupled with past instances of such violence and civil rights abuses, leads this office to issue this warning to all state based agencies.

Current Economic and Political Climate
The current presidential administration’s efforts to secure more power and control for the federal government could lead to the ordering of FLEA to attempting the exercise of law enforcement duties outside their traditional roles. Recent incursions against law abiding citizens of the 50 Sovereign States by FLEA point out the potential dangers. The federal investigation of returning Iraq and Afghan military veterans as potential domestic terrorists is one example.

Historical Perspective
During the federal sieges at Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, FLEA agents showed a willingness to use unrestrained violence against law breakers. It is thought that the public backlash against FLEA heavy handedness has caused a rift between tax paying citizens and FLEA that has caused a level of paranoia to permeate FLEA at all levels. FLEA’s insistence on abrogating local law enforcement agencies in the execution of their traditional (and locally controlled) duties has increased FLEA mistrust of all outsiders. This paranoia and mistrust may cause FLEA agents and leadership (see Janet Napolitano) to strike out against all those they view as “undesirable” or disloyal. It is thought that FLEA leadership may be feeding on this disconnect between citizens/veterans and the federal government to convince the more moderate members of FLEA to “just follow orders.”
FLEA’s failure to convict and jail noted domestic terrorists like William Ayers, can be construed as giving tacit approval to such activities. Giving such as him an honored place among government advisers can be viewed as contributing to the decline of federal government standards and mores. It is feared FLEA may be taking training from such subversives.

C-SLEC assesses that the combination of distrust and a penchant for violence by FLEA, combined with a historic disregard for States Sovereignty, is cause for concern. All State, County and Local law enforcement agencies are cautioned in any dealings with FLEA members. FLEA agents are routinely heavily armed, including with “assault weapon” type firearms. That, combined with weapons training and vast quantities of ammunition makes FLEA one of the
preimminent threats to the safety and liberty of all Americans in existence today. State Agencies should take all precautions when dealing with FLEA members.
Outwardly, members typically dress in dark suits combined with aviator style sunglasses. They like to display federal markings and drive large sedans and SUV’s to set themselves aside. The common belief among FLEA adherents seems to be one of superiority over all non FLEA members, which makes them extremely difficult to approach. Citizens should be asked to contact their nearest State, County or local Police agencies when potential FLEA members are spotted.

Reporting Notice
This report should in no way be used as an indictment of all federal agents. There are almost certainly good ones and bad ones. Just like veterans. Just like all of law enforcement. Just like all of Americans. To single out a FLEA constituent just because he or she is or has been a member of such an agency would just be silly.

Wouldn’t it?

(Note. Hey Janet. You know the old saying; Stupid Is As Stupid Does? As stupid and indefensible as this is, it's no worse than that abomination you tried to foist on us. At least mine was meant to be stupid. The Six)

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Pop said...

What a hoot!!! That was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. DHS and FLEA should get multipule copies.