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02 April 2009

Iowa Down. Who's Next?

The Sarge sent me this and I almost cried as I read it.

We must not falter. We cannot give an inch to these people.

This is what we get for losing 2 elections.
Statement from RPI Chairman Matt Strawn This evening, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn released the following statement following the ordered shutdown of a public hearing of the Iowa House on House File 807Des Moines, IA – In an unprecedented display of political arrogance, Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy tonight ordered State Troopers to remove hundreds of Iowa citizens from the Iowa House Chamber during a public hearing on proposed legislation to raise income taxes on over 450,000 Iowans.Matt Strawn, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, said: “Never have I seen such a gross display of arrogance and disdain for Iowa taxpayers. The Iowa House is supposed to serve as the people’s house, the house where great ideas are debated and discussed. But tonight, House Speaker Murphy made it clear the Iowa House is his house as he sent hundreds of Iowans packing.“What Speaker Murphy heard tonight was the truth from Iowa taxpayers, and he didn’t like it. Citizens across Iowa are outraged about a state government that wants more and more of their hard-earned money.”“These Iowans came to the State Capitol to exercise their rights and express their opinions on this ill-conceived, job-killing legislation. Rather than embrace this discussion, Speaker Murphy shut it down and sent the people home.“Shame on you, Pat Murphy. And shame on majority Democrats for attempting to shove this horrible legislation down our throats. The day you tried to silence Iowans will never be forgotten,” concluded Strawn.

I'll say this again and again and again.

We The People are the real power in this nation. We must remind the liberals that we have been pushed as far as we will tolerate. Whether it be a Tea Party, contacting your representative to express your opinion, informing others of these outrages, or whatever, we must all take responsibility for ending this enslaving of America.

We are the Warrior Class. We are responsible for the safeguarding of the Constitution and American Liberties and we will never shirk our duty.

The long ride is just beginning. Climb aboard.

The Six

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