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22 April 2009

What's Next?

Please read the attached proposal. I did not write this but it sounds to good not to pass on and we are at liberty to make it fit our own path.
The Sarge


Many of you have written and called with the question, “What do we do, now that the ‘tea parties’ are over, to get our legislators to listen and make the adjustments to government that are needed?”

Here is a proposed step by step plan.

1- Get legislation passed the will mandate a full semester of Constitutional Study for a student to graduate high school.
If they can mandate sex education they can mandate this. Our politicians and elected officials of tomorrow will come from the students of today. Proposed text: The Making of America by Cleon Skousen. Read it for yourself and see if it is not suitable. If we send people to elected positions that have studied the constitution, the very worst thing that can happen is that they know what it says and what it means to follow a constitutional platform for government.

2- Limit Terms & Take away the government entitlements .
If you hit them in their pocketbook, you can get rid of those who aren’t serious about serving. We rotate representatives every two to four years anyway. Why not just move them on out. This would allow us to find and nominate those who are willing to work for a shorter time for the purposes of doing ‘good’ for the country and people. Not to secure themselves a lifetime income for having held a seat for a term. We can get rid of ‘professional’ politicians, or life time bureaucrats.

/ˈbyʊər əˌkræt/ Webster’s Definition of Bureaucrat:
1.an official of a bureaucracy.
2.an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.

We limit the President to two terms. Should that not suffice for the rest of government?
Make them qualify for the position. Many of us have (and maybe still do) hold professional licenses issued by the State and Federal Governments. We were required to go to school ( and show completion of courses), pass tests and pay fees to get those licenses. We also have to take continuing education classes to “prove” we are “professional & competent” to keep them. What do those who mandate these fees and testing and classes do to show they are “professional & competent” as law makers.

We can propose that they show completion of a course of study, equal to that of a high school graduate, on the State and / or U.S. Constitution, and make it a requirement that they complete continuing education, every 2 years, in those same studies in order to retain their seat. If it’s good enough for you and me it is surely fair to those who “regulate” our businesses.
When a Congressman (or woman) leaves office, their income from that office should stop. As it is now, these people receive their salary for life. I don’t know of many in the working world that enjoy that privilege. Make them pay into Social Security, we do. They are citizens just like us. When they have to rob their retirement, they may be more careful on how and where it gets spent. By limiting terms we would be able to put new people into office that hopefully would not be caught up in the “business as usual in Washington D.C.” attitude.
Take away protection from prosecution while attending legislative sessions. Under current State Law, a State Legislator cannot be prosecuted while traveling to or from a legislative session. I have personally spoken with Utah Highway Patrolmen who have told me that they have pulled over state representatives that were driving in excess of 90 MPH, so drunk that they could hardly stay on the road, and they were immune from prosecution because the legislature was in session.

3- Work on repealing the 17th amendment.
This would place the power to select our government representatives in the hands of the State Legislature (pre 1913). This would give greater ability to the people to react to and influence the decisions our Federal Representatives make. If our Federal Representatives were not performing as we felt appropriate we could then put pressure on the State Legislators to make the changes. If at the State level the changes were not made, then the State seats would realize new occupancy. This form of selection should greatly reduce or even eliminate the “Campaign Money” that would need to be raised. That being said if the politicians wanted to continue to “fund raise” they could contribute the money raised to better causes, like our schools, hospitals etc. Maybe even fund some course in constitutional studies or set up scholarships for those who would study the constitution. With the reduction or elimination of fund raising and campaigning, they could focus their time on issues.

Just some thoughts that you may want to pass on to your representative in government. Feel free to adapt or edit them to your personal take on things.

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