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30 March 2010

Farewell To Another Pioneer

I'm a gearhead. Always have been always will be. I started working on cars as a kid and my interest was fueled by a grandfather who was a mechanical wizard. He taught me everything from rebuilding engines to painting. In his 70's he scratch built a V-8 Chevy Vega before the kits became widely available. Together we worked on cars in his shop until the wee hours. I learned an appreciation for all things automotive at the feet of a master.

My first love was GM. I owned everything from a 1948 pickup we dropped a 327 and a muncie 4 speed into to my Corvette. In between was a 69 SS Chevelle with a 396 and a rock crusher, a 69 Camaro with a 350 and TH350, a 63 SS Impala with a 283 and a Turboglide and many, many more.

Still, there was always something about a Mustang. I never owned one but I always secretly liked them (As a Chevy man one could never admit to liking anything blue oval). Classic lines, a wide array of engines and a reasonable price. All made the Mustang a great car and an American icon.

For any car guy, the death of an automotive pioneer is always a sad day. The passing of Zora Arkus Duntov was a day of mourning for me. Now, we've lost another one.

Donald Frey, the designer of the Mustang has died at age 86. I mourn his passing and send my condolences to the Frey family.

We're fast running out of pioneers in this country it seems.



Kanani said...

I have a friend who owned a 1968 Mustang for at least 30 years. She drove it to work everyday, and there wasn't a month when someone didn't offer to buy it from her.

I love Mustangs.

The Six said...

68 was a great year Kanani. Mustang owners are some of the most car loyal people I've ever seen.