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01 March 2010

Dog Stuff

By this point, you, my legions of followers, probably know that Lu and I are dog lovers. We have 2 knuckleheads. Trooper is a 14 year old Black Lab and Chrisi is a 13 year old Black Lab. Chrisi is Troopers half sister so no hanky panky was allowed. That's Chrisi in red on the left and Trooper in Blue on the right. Doing what they do so well. Keeping the concrete in place. Good dogs.

Chrisi is the one always getting into trouble of various kinds, usually ending up with her having a wound of some type. Trooper is the one who gets the sores and infections and general nastiness. We do as much doctoring as we can and usually can handle most of what comes up (Stitches excepted. Thanks Chrisi!). Both have had extensive surgeries. Chrisi had a dysplastic hip repaired and Trooper had one replaced. When we can't fix it ourselves we have a great Vet.
Now, as a much beloved and superstar blogger I am inundated with requests from sponsors to endorse their product. I swear. Would I lie to you? I have so far managed to resist those temptations to sell my soul for a quick buck and retain my neutrality. That's why you can rest assured that if I do endorse a product it's of the very highest quality. Or I really have turned to the world's oldest profession. Whichever.

One such product my Vet recommended and for which I will be forever grateful is Schreiners Herbal Solution. http://www.schreiners.com/ We've used the stuff on Chrisi's wounds and Trooper's general nasties and it works great. I'm nursing some kind of oozing, suppurating pustule on the boy's neck right now and it's gone from "ewww" to "hey, that's looking pretty good" in about a week. The best part is that it contains Cayenne so they won't lick at it. Well, Chrisi does from time to time but I think it's just because the girl loves Mexican food. Don't ask me how I know.

So there you have it. The first Six endorsed product. For which I was paid exactly nothing. I ask you, is that fair?

So to all you business folks out there with money to burn and absolutely no idea where to spend it, may I suggest you give it to me to promote your product on a barely read little blog written by a near cretin? I'll get better, I promise.





dick said...

Good lookin' pups!

The Six said...

Thanks Dick. Trooper is the best dog I've ever had.

Daphne said...

I knew there was a deeper reason why I liked you so much, Six.

You're a black Lab man! I have two eight year olds, litter mates of great Texas lineage. Thankfully, no dysplasia yet, but the girl has a serious thyroid problem.

The Six said...

Great minds Daphne. I do think people's choice of dog reflects a lot on who they are.

They are wonderful dogs. Intelligent, faithful, happy and eager to please. They keep their joyful outlook all their lives.

You know, the thyroid issue may be a general Lab problem. Both Chrisi and Trooper take .6mg of Levothyroxine twice a day. Trooper since he was 4 and Chrisi when she turned 8. I hope your girl is doing well.

Still, I maintain that Labs are the best dogs in the world!