'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

26 March 2010

Hearts And Minds

The estimable Ed Rasimus has an important post up at Thunder Tales that is worth a moment of your time to read. Ed is a man I greatly admire and respect. For what it's worth, I read everything he writes carefully because he's an intelligent and considered man. The fact that he's a combat veteran Fighter Pilot who has known and worked with some of the great American military leaders lends to his credibility in my opinion. He is also, like me, a Patriot of the first stripe. Ed has again provided his leadership on this issue and I decided it was time to make my own view clear.

I've been reading the goings on at Sipsey Street myself since the HC bill passed. I read Mike's call for window breaking and the follow up stories as well as his insistence that it was and is a reasonable reaction to this historic vote against American Liberty.

I disagree. There may very well come a time when a call to arms is not only necessary but justified but that time is not now.

States are even now lining up together and fighting the bill in court.

Republicans showed well at the various votes on the legislation and seem to have heard and understood the aversion most of America has to this bill and the ulterior motives of those who enacted it.

The Tea Party and other political groups are fired up and involved in a way I have not seen in my 50 years of life.

We have a clear path to electoral victory in November and 2012 and therefore an opportunity to repeal HC. I know it has never happened before but so what? Just because no one has ever repealed such a bill in the past is no assurance that we cannot. Just look at what has happened over the last 16 months and tell me anything is impossible.

Bore Patch has an interesting post here. Read it and follow the links. The smear tactics of the left are being exposed and many Americans are refusing to buy into it. The race card and violence card have a lot less power than they once had and the msm is taking a beating because of it.

Redstate shows the how far the left is forced to go to try and turn this into another GOP apologyfest. They're looking like idiots and it's in our best interest to let them continue without giving them legitimate ammunition.

All that disappears if we can't control ourselves. Breaking windows sounds daring and exciting, striking a real blow for The Cause, but it's not. It's juvenile and ultimately self defeating. We conservatives have the most infuriating tendency for self destruction. Instead of going out on the attack, we're forced to constantly answer questions about right wing violence. Instead of talking about the real issues, the loss of liberty and freedom of choice, we are being bombarded with talking heads calling us every vile epithet you can think of and forcing us to respond. If you think Middle America, that 40% we need to take back out political system, isn't watching and being influenced by such you're kidding yourself.

What then you might reasonably ask. Ok, Here's how I see it.

Go and read this missive by a man named Maurice P. Mctigue. In it he lays out exactly how changes in government can take place. It's a brilliant piece and a reasonable blueprint on how we can take back control here.

But to do that, first we must win. To win we need a 'Hearts and Minds' campaign. Anyone who has spent any time in or even around Special Forces troopers is well aware of how unconventional warfare works. They are masters of guerrilla warfare and understand that warfare can take on many faces, including political. We are engaged in a Hearts and Minds campaign in Afghanistan even as I write this. If we can recognize the importance of such there why not here as well? Breaking windows damages us in that campaign.

We need to be out there, explaining, cajoling, opposing (and being seen opposing) and even screaming on occasion. We need to show Middle America who we are and why we're the right choice for the future of this country. We cannot do that if they refuse to listen to us. If our credibility is so damaged that we don't have the moral authority to even engage in the debate then we have failed and our children and grandchildren will suffer for it. We will have put our bricks into the lefts hands and they will use them to build our mausoleum.

We have the time but that time is right now. We don't need any distractions. We need to be focused, engaged and thinking all the time.

In my opinion, Mike Vanderboegh is an honest, Patriotic and committed man. He calls things as he sees them and I applaud him for that. I often disagree with his stance on various issues but I support him in his quest for liberty and equality for all. He's been called a lot of names and received a lot of threats from taking the stance he has. He's had his life threatened in some very ugly comments from the loony left. He deserves none of that. But on this matter I believe he's absolutely wrong.

Make no mistake. There is no more back up left in me or anyone I care to associate with. The socialists have reached the line beyond which there is no more room. I am hardly alone in this.

We have this one last shot at keeping our Republic. Let's make sure that shot is a good one.

Oh, and for the people posting Mike's phone number and address and soliciting harrassment? The rules of civility apply equally to both sides.



Kanani said...

I wish people had paid attention the last twenty years as medicare reimbursements were being pared down (They pay .21 on the dollar of what a physician bills), the subcontracting of medicare and medicaid to private health care insurers who then took a huge chunk of the costs, as well as the tentacle growth of the health care industry whose policies place great restrictions on physicians.

It hasn't been a pretty picture for a very long time. That the Republicans decided to offer their "band aid" as a countermeasure to the Democrats just showed a huge lack of awareness of the difficulties facing doctors and patients.

It is all very depleting for me, as I lived the wild spiral for many years running a practice. After we closed it down, I wrote about it on my writing blog, Easy-Writer. Just type in "heath care" under the search icon.
All one can do at this stage of the game (if they're able) is to get healthy.

I agree with you. Now is not the time to break windows and such. That's just stupid.

The Six said...

I wish we had listened to people actually involved in health care like you Kanani. We have got to do better and we can.
I do think we as a people are waking up. The question seems to be 'do we have enough time'? I still think we do. It's folks like you, out there and speaking the plain truth (still!) who are making a difference.
It's going to be an interesting year.