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03 March 2010

The Kitchen Dispatch

Kanani over at Kitchen Dispatch is asking for some help for a group she supports. Please go visit and do what you can. I've contributed.



Also. I'm heading back to the homestead in Utah for some plumbing and other assorted re-model joys. Lu says she'll keep the site updated for me and I'll post again as soon as I get back.


Kanani said...

Hi kiddo,
travel safely to Utah!

By the way, I"ll have to teach you how to post a link.

What you do is type in the text in your blog post. Highlight it, and then go to the menu over the post and pick the "link" icon. You'll see it. Punch it.
There should be a window that pops up and you can paste the link right there. Then press "done.

Also, to share a link, you can go to the original post that you like (if it's on Blogger) and scroll to the bottom. There should be a little sentence that says, "Create a link." Press it, and just go through the steps. Select which blog you want it to be on from the menu that will come up on the top.

It'll post directly to your blog. You can even add text!

dick said...

Or worst case, go to Tiny URL.


The Six said...

Thanks guys. Ed has tried and tried to school me but I'm beginning to think it's a case of being terminally stupid.

I'm gonna have to change my name to Knuckledragger.