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02 April 2010

Name That Ammo

I was running low on Shooty ammo. Shooty ammo is the stuff I shoot as opposed to Duty ammo which I store for a rainy day. So I got online with Natchez and Cheaper Than Dirt and placed an order. FedEx dropped it all off in 2 shipments. I present it here for your approval and jealous contemplation.

Here's the challenge. Can you Name That Ammo? There's 5 calibers represented, 4 rifle and 1 pistol. 2 should be fairly obvious but the other 3 are harder.
The prize? My undying respect and the title of Ammunition Commander (with a h/t to Schlock Mercenary).
Oh, and I'm at the Utah house and sick as a dog at the moment. I hope everyone feels suitably sorry for me.
Update. Lagniappe's Dad for the win and the Title Of Ammunition Commander. The pips are in the mail :)


Me said...

OK, the bulk-packaged loose 5.56mm and the Silver Bear are easy. Silver Bear is probably 7.62x39mm but might by 7.62x54r.
Due to the resolution of your camera, I cannot make out the labels on the commercial Remington (green and white box) or Winchester (silver boxed) ammo, but I do recognize the color schemes. and the exact contents of the brown boxes with the UN 0012 / 1.4S markings--part of a string of identifiers for international air shipments of military ammo--cannot be positively identified based on the visible markings.

So throw us a bone--what do you got?

Anonymous said...

Sorry your sick. I feel badly for you but not bad enough to come see you cuz I don't want yer crud.


The Six said...

Me, it's obvious you still have amazing powers of observation. You are indeed the Munitions Commander.
2000 each of .223 and 7.62x39 (the brown boxes are more Silver Bear)
The rest is
200 rnds of 300 Win Mag 180 PowerPoint
400 rnds of 30-30 170 PowerPoint
and 1000 rnds of .40 S&W 180 FMJ
To the range! (As soon as I kick this crud)

The Six said...

Thanks Pop. I knew I could count on you to cheer me up!

Me said...

300 Win Mag...Nice.

I'm a .308 guy myself, but I agree that you can never have too much .223 or 7.62x39. It's all good in the end!