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02 May 2012

Lu's Half Marathon

Last Saturday was the Hurricane Half Marathon. 13.1 miles of "what the hell were you thinking". This race also has a 5K that Lu and I ran last year. When asked if I was going to run it with her I broke down into gales of laughter. Uh, no. Lu would be going this one alone. Well, the kids and I did our best to encourage her without actually doing anything more stressful than getting out of the pickup and cheering madly.

Up at 0500 so she could make the bus at 0530. Turns out we could have dropped her off ourselves but who doesn't like a nice school bus ride at odarkthirty?
What does one feed a hungry crew and runner just before a torture test? Jelly donuts of course. Breakfast of champions.

The start line. We figured about 500 runners. The ambulance in the distance is confirmation that this race is not for the faint hearted.

Lu getting warmed up for the 0630 start. Surprisingly it went off almost exactly on time. It was cool early so Lu started off with that yellow jacket. By the time she got to The Hill it had disappeared.

On your Mark. Get Set.


And they're off.

Lu started off well. She has a good pace, not exactly record breaking but sure and strong. This is a woman who, up until a few years ago, didn't really do any kind of serious exercise. Now she's learned she loves to run and can she ever run.

This is OMG Hill, last seen here when Lu and I were riding up it during a 29 mile charity ride for Spina Bifida. Lu is waaaay down there at the bottom. Go sweetheart. You can do it!

Hurricane PD were being kinda difficult about things so I didn't manage to get a shot of her at the top but I did get this one just past the summit. Still looking strong. The top of the climb is at the 6 mile mark.

 Lu at the 7 mile marker. Over halfway!!

Lu coming up on the 11 mile point. She's still looking good but by this point she was ready to be done.

11 Miles and now running through town. Almost there.

At this point we called Sarge and MIL and met them at the finish line. You can't see her but Lu is just up ahead, on the home stretch.

The kids running a few steps with Lu heading into the finish chute. We think it's vital for them to see us doing stuff like this and participating as much as they can. Besides, how cute is that?

Lu crossing the finish line. We don't have her official time yet but it was right at the 3:08 mark. She was shooting for under 3:30 and feared the 4 hour cutoff so she was ecstatic at her time.

That is one Hawt Chick right there. Is there anything sexier than an athletic, confident woman? Down boys, she's all mine.

There are awards and then there are Awards. The kids spent hours making sure Lu was properly recognized by those whose opinion really matters to her.

This was something Lu has wanted to do for a long time and the smile of joy on her face tells you all you need to know about how she's feeling. It's also testament to staying active and never letting fear rule you. Age is a challenge not a barrier. Go. Do. Have fun.

I'm so proud of you sweetheart. You did good.



Coop said...

Congratulations to Lu, well done!

Six, I'm with you in the pick up cheering up a storm. My running days are through...

Keads said...

Congrats to Lu!

Murphy's Law said...

Yay, Lu! I learned to love running late in life, too and my goal is at least one marathon, but right now, that half marathon looks great. Fantastic job from your WV fans (me and Murphy)!

Six said...

Lu says thanks to all you guys. She thinks she's done with the longer distances but she is mulling over a 10K. That girl is wearing me out and I'm just watching!

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Tell Lu... as I looked at the pics... I heard the theme from Rocky playin' in the background...

Dann in Ohio