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28 April 2012

Sunday Kipling

Saturday was a great day. For me at any rate. Lu ran the Hurricane Half Marathon and did very well. I'll have a post up on it this week.
I sold the flattop to a friend in another state and I'll be getting it mailed out as soon as I can.
The IRS sent us a correction on our tax return that shorted our refund by about 300 bucks. Ain't that always the way?
The kids had friends over on Friday so I had a house full of screaming munchkins. Good thing I drink heavily.
The draft is done and I have no idea what the 49ers did. Oh I know who they drafted I just have no idea why. LaMichael James in the second round? Really? He's a nice player and all but hardly the guy who's going to replace Frank Gore so what's the point? Third down back?
I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Grill something tasty, kiss the one you love best and enjoy another day of life.

Hymn to Physical Pain

"The Tender Achilles"
From "Limits and Renewals" (1932)
Dread Mother of Forgetfulness
  Who, when Thy reign begins,
Wipest away the Soul's distress,
  And memory of her sins.

The trusty Worm that dieth not--
  The steadfast Fire also,
By Thy contrivance are forgot
  In a completer woe.

Thine are the lidless eyes of night
  That stare upon our tears,
Through certain hours which in our sight
  Exceed a thousand years:

Thine is the thickness of the Dark
  That presses in our pain,
As Thine the Dawn that bids us mark
  Life's grinning face again.

Thine is the weariness outworn
  No promise shall relieve,
That says at eve, "Would God 'twere morn"
  At morn, "Would God 'twere eve!"

And when Thy tender mercies cease
  And life unvexed is due,
Instant upon the false release
 The Worm and Fire renew.

Wherefore we praise Thee in the deep,
  And on our beds we pray
For Thy return that Thou may'st keep
  The Pains of Hell at bay!

1 comment:

Theredneckengineer said...

I spent my Sunday machining an AR15 lower, drinking coffee, and hanging out with my family. Good enough, eh?

Glad to hear Lu did well in the marathon!

When you add the words "the" and "IRS" you get "theirs". Makes sense now, doesn't it?