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08 May 2012

Uh, Never Mind

That last post? Yeah, please disregard the whole thing. Let this be a lesson for me. Always check and double check and even triple check because when you're dealing with a house this old and this poorly constructed it's a bottomless pit of "Oh Shit".

I'm going to have to take the whole porch apart and do it all over again. I won't go into specifics yet because I want to do a whole series of posts on this remodel but suffice it to say that as I was tearing off the old siding and the aluminum ceiling I found stuff that has completely changed how I'm going to anchor the porch roof. It all has to come down. The only thing I don't have to re-do is the corner post.

More tomorrow.

Sigh. Live and learn.



Anonymous said...

Hang in there brother - been there and done that. What do the old carpenters say? "Measure twice, cut once" :)


Six said...

Thanks Hank. Yeah, this really is one of those cases. I should have done more tear down before I put up the supports. I knew it but got lazy anyway. This'll teach me. I really do hope old dogs can learn new tricks!