'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

06 May 2012

Sunday Kipling. Now With Bacon!

The other day I made the obligatory Costco run. One of the needed items was bacon. Hey, I always need bacon. Whilst perusing the offerings I saw this package. (Note: Like everything else in my life I paid good money for this offering and have received no compensation from Costco or anyone else for this review. Not that I'd turn down a couple of pounds gratis. That's a hint right there Costco.)

It's Costco's store brand bacon. How's it look? I'm glad you asked.

It cooks up nice and has a wonderful aroma. A little mapley with just a hint of smoke.

How's it taste? Fabulous. Mmmmm, bacon. Cost was $10.99 for 4 one pound packages. The Six clan highly recommends it. You're welcome.

With breakfast taken care of it's on to the day. Lu and I will probably rest and recuperate. The kids immediately jumped on their bikes and rode to the playground next to their school. Chrisi apparently has decided that sleep is a good thing on a lazy Sunday morning while Angus is already begging to go out and complaining that he didn't get to go with the kids and What's Up With That? I hope you all have a double helping of bacon kind of a day. Hey we're all neighbors in spirit.


"Beauty Sports"
From "Limits and Renewals" (1932)
The man that is open of heart to his neighbour,
  And stops to consider his likes and dislikes,
His blood shall be wholesome whatever his labour,
  His luck shall be with him whatever he strikes.
The Splendour of Morning shall duly possess him,
  That he may not be sad at the falling of eve.
And, when he has done with mere living--God bless him!--
  A many shall sigh, and one Woman shall grieve! 

But he that is costive of soul toward his fellow,
  Through the ways, and the works, and the woes of this life,
Him food shall not fatten, him drink shall not mellow;
  And his innards shall brew him perpetual strife.
His eye shall be blind to God's Glory above him;
  His ear shall be deaf to Earth's Laughter around;
His Friends and his Club and his Dog shall not love him;
  And his Widow shall skip when he goes underground!

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