'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

08 September 2011

What's On My Bookshelf

Brigid asks the question and it's a good one. I've picked up more than one good book and author from reading all of your blogs and that is a very good thing.

I do have a fairly extensive library. Most of it is still packed away from the move. No special reason, I'm just kinda lazy. Still, I do have a couple of bookshelves full at the moment.

I tend to do most of my reading for pleasure. Yes, I do research but I try to keep it online. No sullying up my me time. Nothing like stretching out in a comfortable chair, a loyal dog asleep at my feet and a good yarn in my hands. I have admitted before that I'm addicted to pulp fiction, especially series. I have most of W.E.B. Griffin's stuff. He hooked me with his Brotherhood of War series. I really need to read them again. He's a fine writer who has series about both the military and police. I guess it's small wonder he's one of my favorites.

There's Tolkein, Heinlein (PBUH), Niven, Ringo, Asimov, DeChancie and Correia in there among many others. Ringworld, Riverworld, The Mote, Castle Perilous. All places I've visited and spent good times. Full of characters I've come to know and love.

One of the first series I read as a yonker was Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan. Burroughs was a master. Forget the cheesy movies and TV shows. The original books are dark, fast paced, thrilling and very well written. I'm hoping to introduce them to my grandson some day. Me and the boy sitting and reading about the amazing adventures of the King of the Jungle together? Heaven.

If you look closely you'll find Holmes, Achilles, Harrington, Centaurs, Powered Armor, Space Ships, Doomsday Devices and a host of heroes and villains.
You'll find a certain book that's sure to be banned by the nanny staters some day but that every boy, no matter how old, must have.
There's a book on War written by a fine man we lost this year. Sebastian, you will be missed. I grieve for your stories that will remain unwritten.
Limbaugh is in there because love him or hate him he's right more often than not. Armstrong not because of his bike but because he's one of the most effective campaigners against the scourge of cancer. I'll always love him for that.

I tend to keep my professional books and papers hidden away, not because I don't want them to fall into the wrong hands but because that part of my life is done and I hate looking back. But still, I never throw anything away that someone might someday find a use for.
I have my signed copy of SOG by Major John Plaster. Special because it was given to my by the author for graduating his sniper course as top shot. Yes, I'm bragging but it was a tough course and he was a hell of an instructor.
Ambrose, MacDonald, Broughton, Hathcock, Murphy. I'm a warrior and a soldier and I admire those who have been there and done that. I can't forget Ed Rasimus. Man's man and Fighter Pilot's Fighter Pilot. He's not a half bad writer either. I have all his books.

I was also a cop and involved with the LA riots in 92 so I have both Chief by Gates and Presumed Guilty by Koon. Hey, it effected me directly. I considered it research.

The master dog trainer, Richard Wolter, has a special place on my shelves. Water Dog was the seminal work on training retrievers.

I love books. I'll probably invest in an E-reader someday but I hope I never lose my love for a real book. Paper and ink and dreams. Fanciful covers that only hint at the wonders contained within. No matter how old or how challenged you can still be The Hero.  No matter how far away you are a book is a  little piece of home and a cure for the lonlies. A chance to teach and learn and just enjoy. May you never lack for a good book.



North said...

Excellent! I love looking at other peoples shelves - thanks for sharing!

Murphy's Law said...

It also appears that we have many of the same authors, if not the same books.

Anonymous said...

+10 on Ed Rasimus. Used to read him on Usenet and have all his books. A truly manly man.

Six said...

Right back at ya North. I loved your library.

Great minds think alike ML. At least that's what I tell myself :)

I agree completely Anon. I also read his blog every day. He's a man we really need in the White House.