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15 September 2011

Lifting heavy things makes you a bad bad man...

Because, apparently, grunting is "intimidating".  So much so that a national fitness chain has banned it from the gym.  No, really.  Seriously, what is with the state of this country?!?!?  Now, I don't normally watch the Daily Show (for obvious reasons) but I came across this video during my travels.  I thought it was totally made up.  It isn't.

Turns out that it is totally true.  The part that bothers me isn't that they don't allow activity in their gym, they have that right.  No, what bothers me is the pussification of our nation!  Notice the language, the "animals" can go lift in a gym and the "people" can work out here.  Seriously?   Lifting heaving things, being strong, and being aggressive is so terrifying to these walking estrogen factories that they've banned it?  That any self respecting lifter would lift there is shocking to me.  And why, pray tell, isn't this hate language??

Now, I'm a big lifter, and a chick.  I deadlift (which isn't allowed in these "fitness" places) and in the process I grunt (it's genetic, the Six does it too) so I can tell you with a thread of knowledge that this place would be a sucky place to lift.  Shockingly I don't want to be intimidated and harassed either, yet if I grunt in here I get the humiliation of being thrown out?  And they call the heavy lifters douches.

Well, darn...  Can't lift here cause I grunt, can't go to restaurant cause I have kids.  Huh.  Anyone else tired of taking the blame for all bad things because they're, well, normal??


Six said...

Hi, my name is Six and I'm a grunter.

I hadn't heard about this. Remind you of what I was told by the PD?

It's just another symptom of a culture of wussification.

Sarge said...

When I lift I usually fart is that considered a grunt?? who decides what a grunt is? Oh well think I'll go lift something light.

Ed Rasimus said...

Have you heard the Williams sisters on the tennis courts?

Next will be martial arts dojo with no "keee haaas" allowed.

Brigid said...

Hello - Grunters Anonymous?