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08 August 2011

Something Fun

I don't know if I saw this somewhere and simply forgot or invented it out of my own sheer genius but either way, Angus is so very happy I did.

It's hot here. Not Texas hot but it's been in the low 100's and it's most unpleasant. Especially if you're wearing a black fur coat. What to do?

It turns out that young Angus loves ice cubes. He'll happily chase it around the kitchen floor until he captures it and devours it in an orgy of slobbery puppy happiness. Still, it's just frozen water. Can't we improve on that? Why yes, I think we can.

Enter what else but bacon. Bacon makes everything better right? Right. So why not ice cubes for a puppy? I filled a couple of cubes on the tray with fresh water and sprinkled in chopped up bacon bits.

Here is the result
And here is the reaction
Is that? Could it be? It is! Oh joy!!
Angus's Wonderful Bacon Ice Cubes. Get 'em wherever cuteness is sold.

Life just doesn't get any better than this.



innominatus said...

You have just created a very marketable product. 'Cuz lazy people will buy them rather than make their own. Riches to be had!

Six said...

We'll go into business together Inno. InnoSixAvative Inc.

Kanani said...

I wonder if you could get gourmet and put those in Vodka?
Anyway, I love the puppy. Boy is he cute!
Louie has started to get old. He's 8. Still walking, but not as much. He likes to sleep.
So the hubs said, "We ought to get a lab, like our Herb." Herb died 9 years ago, but we still miss him.
So I don't know. I might. I might not. I'm just not deciding now!

Keads said...

Ha! Good looking pup!

Six said...

You have to try that and let me know Kanani. Mmmmm, Bacon flavored martini.
I had to be absolutely certain after Trooper passed and no one could make that decision for me. That being said, I'm absolutely in love with the little guy. As you know, ya can't go wrong with another Lab!

Thanks Keads. He's putting on about 1/3 of a pound daily! Sleeping, eating, pooping and playing. Ah, a puppy's life.