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23 August 2011

Bathroom Remodel PT 2, Tile

Firat, take a look at what we took out of that bathroom. That's a trailer load and a full garbage can. It doesn't show the 2 other cans Waste management had already picked up. Out of one small bathroom.

Lu and I have this down to a science. I run the saw and do all the fitting while she lays the tile. I've got the tile saw just outside the bathroom window so she can holler measurements at me and I can cut to fit. The work goes surprisingly fast.

Tile's up. Not bad for a couple of rank amateur DIYers.

Now it's on to grout. We learned something. When it's 105 degrees out with humidity at zero, grout tends to dry fairly quickly. We ended up with me grouting just a few tiles at a time with Lu following and wiping immediately after. Even then the work went pretty quickly.

Before you could say "Man I hate this crap" the job was done.

And the finished product.
What's next? If you look at some of those photos you'll see walls that look like they've been through a Knob Creek shoot. I need to finish scraping the old linoleum off and then repair all those pock marks. Then comes texture, paint, trim and floor.

We picked up a vanity and sink at the Big Box store. It's a small bathroom so it needed a small vanity. That's it next to the drawers with the sink off to the left.
The tile was a big job, one we're glad to have completed. Wait, did I say completed? Turns out I have a cracked tile next to the faucet. It'll need to be removed and replaced. Sigh.

Maybe I should just go back to work and hire this stuff out.



Keads said...

Looks great!

Sarah The Cranky said...

Looks like solid work to me.

But better you than me. I hate, hate, hate anything even remotely resembling remodeling. (Had to deal with my bedroom last year and...blech.)

Sarge said...

Good Job!!

Borepatch said...


I also put the wife to work on this sort of thing. Sure, I could do it, but I'm busy putting up Important Blog Posts.


Six said...

Thanks Keads!

I hear you Sarah but I have an inate inability to pay someone else to do work I know we can do. I'm so cheap.

Thanks Sarge. We can't wait for you guys to see all the stuff we've done so far.

You and me both BP. Priorities. Gets me out of productive work constantly.