'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

12 August 2011

A Love Letter To Lu

Today Lu and I celebrate 33 years of marriage. 33 years of ups and downs. Good and bad. Precious memories and things best forgotten. Successes and abject failures. Joy and sadness. Better and worse. Sickness and health. Richer and poorer. We've seen them all and somehow managed to weather the storms that occasionally plague every relationship. I even got her to marry me all over again 8 years ago.

We raised a wonderful daughter and saw her grow into a woman and mother anyone would be proud of. She's given us 2 grandchildren who are the joys of our lives.

We've traveled but yet stayed rooted. We've fought but always made up. 33 years together and still going strong. Never taking for granted that which is so precious. Taking the time, every day, to not just appreciate what we've built but to remember what went into the construction.

I Love You. 3 small words. So easy to say but so fraught with meaning. How easily we discount what is beyond price. How quickly we discard that which is irreplaceable.

33 years. Where did the time go? It went by a day at a time. One tick of the clock after another. An endless stream of decisions whether to fight for us or surrender. Each one passing and leading to the next chance. The next test.

33 years and we've managed to pass every one. Overcome every obstacle. Remembered to say I Love You and mean it. Every day. We did it together, remembering that marriage is a team event. It's not me against the world it's Us. Us is so much more powerful. Us is an entwining of body and spirit that leads to a whole so much greater than the sum of it's parts. Us is beautiful beyond my ability to describe.

So we celebrate another year of Us. Me and my bride. I woman I love more now that I did 33 years ago. What does a grateful man say to such as her? Just this.

I love you sweetheart, more than I can possibly say. Thank you for the years and the ticks and the decisions you've spent with me. Thank you for understanding and supporting and encouraging. Thank you for enduring those calls and waiting in all those emergency rooms and never once giving me an ultimatum. Thank you for allowing me to fail and try again without recrimination. Thank you for your forgiveness, your humanity and your love. Thank you for the chances we never seemed to miss. Thank you for choosing me. You were never second in my life. Not once. As we continue into that great unknown, I am comforted to be by your side. Together.

The only gift I have, the only one worthy of you, is my devotion and my heart. 33 years is nothing my love. We've got all of eternity to to look forward to. I will love you always.

Your lucky and grateful husband.


Murphy's Law said...

Happy Anniversary to two class people.

Keads said...

A great story and congratulations to you both.

Borepatch said...


Six said...

Thanks guys. I am a very lucky man and today I get to remind her that I haven't forgotten.

North said...

Happy Anniversary!

And I'm always shocked to discover anybody married longer than me. Not that a quarter to one third century is long in and of itself, but ancient compared to so many marriages now days.

I'm a very very lucky man, too.

Six said...

Thanks North. Where did we find such women? Marriage does seem to be a pretty cheap commodity these days. Time was when 50 year anniversaries were routine. Now, not so much.

LauraB said...

Now that is a tribute, my good man. I think other generations have this aversion to discomfort and discard relationships when they get to the "needs work" stage.

After 33 yrs I can only imagine that you guys have seen that stage a couple times - the key being that you nod and step up to the challenge.

God willin', Trooper and I will be able to say the same some day. Although no guarantees that he survives menopause.
(Just sayin' - hot-runnin' bastard...ahem!)

Seriously - congrats and well done you two!! Give her a big TX hug from us!

Sarge said...

I am so proud of both of you. Mom and I wish you a happy anniversary congratulations on a job well done and will continue to do.

Six said...

Thanks laura. Marriage is one of life's many journeys and it should be enjoyed. I've passed on that hug :)

You were a big part of the beginning Pop. I've said it before but it bears repeating. Thank you.

Blue said...

Happy Anniversary. Most excellent! :)

instinct said...

Happy Anniversary!

My parents just celebrated their 50th year. They say the reason they stayed together so long is that they had an agreement that whoever left had to take the kids.

Six said...

Thanks Blue and Instinct.