'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

03 August 2011

I Am Such An Idiot

Lu and I took the dogs to Sand Hollow Reservoir yesterday. It was Angus' first time in a body of water larger than his bowl. I was apprehensive. I wanted to take it slowly. Give him a chance to literally get his feet wet without scaring him.


He took to the water like a duck. He ambled along the shore and shallow water until we got to the secret swimming hole then he just jumped in and started swimming. He followed big sister on water retrieves. He followed me and Lu swimming around and even did some water retrieves himself. He had an absolute blast. Water over the head? No problem. At one point we swam out to some rocks and he was diving, full out diving, off the rocks for a retrieve. I was in awe of the little guy and happy as a clam. All my concerns about him and water evaporated in splash of puppy joy. He only went head up butt down a couple of times but once he got the hang of things never had troubles again.

But why am I an idiot you ask? Yep, I forgot the camera. First time in the water.  First time swimming. First water retrieves. And Otto the Moron Boy forgot the means of preserving it for posterity.

We'll be going back out tomorrow and this time I'm going to strap the camera to my ass with duct tape. Pictures when we get back.



Anonymous said...

Please, please, please ensure that said strapped camera is oriented correctly because you know we don't wanna see that. Mmkay?

Six said...

Ha! I could have definitely phrased that better. Yeah, that's a sight no one needs to see.