'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

05 August 2011

General Cash

Some thoughts from Brigadier General Jimmy Cash (Ret). I whole heartedly agree.

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The attached article was written by one of my readers and echoes my thoughts on energy independence, defines a path to restore our economy, and solves so many of the problems facing our nation today. This is not Rocket Science, and the fixes are not magic. The solutions to the nation's problems are right under our collective noses and only require a body politic with guts enough to worry less about who gets the credit and more about restoring our nation to its former glory.
In short and easy to read fashion, John lays out a plan to use our own natural resources to build a bridge to a future of clean energy and self reliance. But first, we must elect officials who understand that fossil fuels are a must in building a bridge that will allow time to develop clean energy technology. Yes, that means "drill baby, drill". We have the oil and natural gas resources within our own borders that not only can render Middle-East oil meaningless, but can give a terrific boast to our economy through energy export. We have the technology today to build safe nuclear power plants that can make electrical energy affordable and plentiful. By utilizing all of our resources and exporting what we do not need, we can truly concentrate on the long range plan of making the world energy independent through the use of green technology.
It cannot happen overnight. It cannot happen with the current crop of weak-knee politicians currently occupying the White House and Congress. After watching their ineptitude over the past few weeks, and putting sharp sticks in one another's eye trying to be re-elected, I cannot believe any honest American can go to the booth and cast a vote to re-elect a candidate who has served more than one term already. Folks, now is the time to get tough with the in-crowd in Washington DC.
We can clean this mess up with the 2012 election, bringing in those who agree with what my friend John has written in the attached. Again, this is not Rocket Science. Give me, or any other country loving American, three staffers and three months, and we will draw up a long term plan that will make this country energy independent using fossil fuel in the short term, and clean energy self sufficient in the long term. Along the way we will export all we cannot use, which will fuel the economy, and the National Debt will no longer be the major Nightmare that faces our children and grand-children.
And, a major side benefit to this would be a brand new Congress who might finally get the point. That point being the American People are tired of the lying, cheating, bickering, and self -delusion that we are seeing on a daily basis in Washington DC today. Highway six runs both ways. HIT THE ROAD, JACK.
Jim Cash
Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret.


Blue said...

Sadly, I don't believe that those in power today want to fix it.

I wonder if there will even be an election in 2012.

Six said...

I think there will but I wouldn't Take any bets on it Blue. Whether it means anything or not is very much in question in my mind. If the ballot box fails....