'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

09 August 2011

I'm Scared

I am so very frightened at the violent rhetoric out of The Angry Left. All this talk about terrorists and re-education camps and civil war has me absolutely shivering in fright.

I'm afraid to do routine things such as go to the gun store to buy a few staples like a new gun or some more ammunition. My wife refuses to go to the range with me. We shouldn't have to live in such abject fear.

The Left has been taken over by the violent with visions of mass murder and genocide against all those who simply disagree with them. It's shocking and those in the Democratic party must do something about it. Their party has been consumed by the violent, the ignorant and the uneducated. It's filled with brutish thugs who think nothing of threatening and dominating those of us who are doing no more than attempting to have a conversation with them. Instead of talking to us they shout their hate speech and promise dire consequences to those of us who are simply attempting to bring them into the 21st Century. They're throwbacks to a time when only the savage survived. They even have like thinkers in the very highest levels of the Government!

I don't understand it. I blame it on an improper upbringing and poor education. All those drug addled parents, children of the violent sixties, who were free to inculcate their own kids into their vile cults of extremism with no oversight from a reasonable government. All those poor children, influenced by the uncaring professors at Harvard and left to their own devices. How could they possibly turn out as anything but mirrors of their parents? It's shocking how little we care for these poor, unfortunate products of progressivism. I mean, they've used drugs, lied, rioted, beaten people up, threatened horrific violence and even planted bombs! It's almost unbelievable to the poor sensibilities of anyone raised with the proper respect for human life and the rights of others. It brings me to tears, thinking about those poor, misguided people. One has only to look at their words to understand the depths to which they have sunk in their desperate attempts to find their way in a country that holds them in contempt.

And it's all out fault. We've been too lenient. Too understanding. We've been the enablers of their psychosis and I am ashamed. We have insisted that they be adults when they've been no more than frightened children the whole time. How could we have been so cruel? One does not insist that children make adult decisions and hold adult responsibilities. That is just adding to their burdens and fails to address the deeper problems. Children must be taught and shown the proper way lest the end up as The Angry Left and act out, like spoiled children are wont to do.

It's more than can be tolerated. Those of us who are Right thinking must do something. It's time for those in the government to take action. What we need are new laws to protect us from them and those in The Angry Left from themselves. We need to get them the help they so desperately need. I, for one, do not think they're beyond our help. Jails and prisons just make things worse. They only learn how to be even better Leftists and that makes them even more Angry. It's nothing more than a vicious circle of addiction, crime and violence. What's needed are laws designed to cut the cycle of dependence and give The Angry Leftists a chance to succeed and have a meaningful life.

These are people who, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, have been convinced that their only chance to escape their circumstances is through rampant and extreme liberalism. They can be shown that another path exists and that they too can follow that road to freedom and Independence.

We all must pull together in this endeavor. We can succeed, indeed we must do do.

After all, it's For The Children. Won't somebody please think of The Children?


And a h/t to Borepatch for the meme.


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