'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

09 December 2012

Sunday Kipling

The wind is howling out today. It's starting to really feel like Winter. We started the morning with a warm doughnut and a hike in the foothills south of town. Angus was ecstatic as he always is when he gets the chance to explore and just run free. Sarge is down with Pneumonia. Get better soon Pop. We went to the range yesterday and tried out the new loads. The 45 LC was....stout. Everything shot well and I'm satisfied. That load now goes in the reloading book as a keeper.

Life goes on. Lu and I are now actively looking to add a new member to the family. I don't know when or even really whether but we are looking for a rescue dog. We'll see.

CCW class is tentatively scheduled for next Friday evening. I have my retired peace officer CCW but some states are sticky about it so I've decided to go ahead and get my Utah permit. Lu, MIL and some others are taking it with me here at Casa Six. Should be fun.

I hope this day finds you all in company as good as those I'm blessed to call family. May the season bring you Joy, Love and Peace.


The Broken Men

For things we never mention,
  For Art misunderstood --
For excellent intention
  That did not turn to good;
From ancient tales' renewing,
  From clouds we would not clear --
Beyond the Law's pursuing
  We fled, and settled here.

We took no tearful leaving,
  We bade no long good-byes.
Men talked of crime and thieving,
  Men wrote of fraud and lies.
To save our injured feelings
  'Twas time and time to go --
Behind was dock and Dartmoor,
  Ahead lay Callao!

The widow and the orphan
  That pray for ten per cent,
They clapped their trailers on us
  To spy the road we went.
They watched the foreign sailings
  (They scan the shipping still),
And that's your Christian people
  Returning good for ill!

God bless the thoughtful islands
  Where never warrants come;
God bless the just Republics
  That give a man a home,
That ask no foolish questions,
  But set him on his feet;
And save his wife and daughters
  From the workhouse and the street!

On church and square and market
  The noonday silence falls;
You'll hear the drowsy mutter
  Of the fountain in our halls.
Asleep amid the yuccas
  The city takes her ease --
Till twilight brings the land-wind
  To the clicking jalousies.

Day long the diamond weather,
  The high, unaltered blue --
The smell of goats and incense
  And the mule-bells tinkling through.
Day long the warder ocean
  That keeps us from our kin,
And once a month our levee
  When the English mail comes in.

You'll find us up and waiting
  To treat you at the bar;
You'll find us less exclusive
  Than the average English are.
We'll meet you with a carriage,
  Too glad to show you round,
But -- we do not lunch on steamers,
  For they are English ground.

We sail o' nights to England
  And join our smiling Boards --
Our wives go in with Viscounts
  And our daughters dance with Lords,
But behind our princely doings,
  And behind each coup we make,
We feel there's Something Waiting,
  And -- we meet It when we wake.

Ah, God! One sniff of England --
  To greet our flesh and blood --
To hear the traffic slurring
  Once more through London mud!
Our towns of wasted honour --
  Our streets of lost delight!
How stands the old Lord Warden?
  Are Dover's cliffs still white?


Keads said...

Hope you are having a great day Six!

Old NFO said...

Good one, and have fun with the pup!!!

Six said...

You too Kelly!

Thanks NFO. Have a great weekend!

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

We've got a pure-bred German Shepherd Dog from a quality breeder and a pure-bred All-American mutt from the human society... we love 'em both...

Good luck with your search for a new family member... it's hard to bring only ONE home!

Dann in Ohio

Six said...

I hear you Dann. We're looking and even brought one home for a try out but she hated Angus and absolutely terrorized him. We had to take her back but fortunately she found a new home the very next day!