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21 December 2012

Christmas Snow

Well, Kinda. On Monday night we got the first snow of the year. I know many of you in the colder regions will laugh at that but we don't get that much snow and Lu and I have been living in snow free California for an awful long time so for us it was pretty dang cool.

It started pretty late and we didn't discover the white blanket until about 10:00.

Pristine. Or at least it was until a certain black dog made an entrance. Hi Angus!

A view from across the street looking all wintery and Christmassy.

The green truck and nary a window scraper to be found.

It's a good thing Lu used plastic Poinsettias this year.

It's kinda hard to see but that's the Pirate Ghost ship looking all gloomy and, well... Pirate Ghosty.

Angus never could quite figure out what all the fuss was about though when Mom and Dad got into an impromptu snowball fight he was happy to join in. It's a wonder the neighbors didn't call the cops on us.

The next morning and the evidence of our nocturnal frolicking.

"Come on, it's just a little snow. Let's go somewhere!

I'm taking a little break for the holiday so except for Sunday Kipling this will be my last post before the new year. I'm going to relax, eat myself into a food coma and generally enjoy the season and my family. The computer is being shut off and not activated again until 2013 is here. Lu, Angus and I will be spending Christmas with sarge and MIL. There are goodies in the kitchen calling my name and a dog who is always up to share. Packages have been purchased, wrapped and sent. All is in order and my life is full up with blessings.

 Merry Christmas my friends. May you have all the joy and gladness you can. I'll see you in the new year.

Mom In Law


Rev. Paul said...

All y'all have a great Christmas!

jon spencer said...

Good looking dress ship lights.

Old NFO said...

LOL, nary a scraper... :-) I'd say a trip to the auto parts store is in order!!! :-)

Six said...

Thanks and Merry Christmas you guys!