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08 December 2012

Bob Costas Calls For End Of Car Culture

A tragedy occurred this morning as another life was senselessly ended by an intoxicated driver. You can read the story here. The driver and deceased passenger were both football players for the Dallas Cowboys. The driver was apparently impaired. This is truly a sad and horrific time for two families and our hearts and prayers go out to all affected.


Luckily for all of us two sports reporters were immediately on the story and have rendered us the benefit of their extensive and exhaustive expertise on the issue of accident fatalities.

When he heard the news Bob Costas immediately decried the "Car Culture" and stated that there was no doubt in his mind that if only that player had not possessed a motor vehicle his teammate would surely be alive.

Jason Whitlock called the AAA the modern KKK of the blacktop. "America’s Car Culture is out of control, dangerous and a threat to our liberty."

We all know that the evil Car Owners and their paid mouthpieces will never voluntarily give up their overly powerful 4 wheeled instruments of death. No one needs a car with enough horsepower to kill large numbers of other motorists with a single acceleration. We must have a national conversation on common sense car control. Anyone can buy dangerous cars through the unregulated Used Car Cartels and uncontrolled private sellers which allows even felons and those with prior DUI arrests easy access to these instruments of death. No background checks are required which means that even those who have a history of mental imbalance can drive on the streets of America. Where our children walk and play every day. For crying out loud even people with no drivers licenses are allowed to buy an car with which they can mow down the unsuspecting citizens with no limits. The founding fathers never intended for such powerful instruments to be in the hands of the general population. If you want to get from place to place do as they did and get a horse.

Thank our lucky stars that we have these two stalwarts of safety and reasonableness to shepherd us through these difficult times. Thank you Bob and Jason for your even handed and unbiased reporting. What would we do without you?



Anonymous said...

Six, I made similar comments to Ms Big Ranger, she of the retired state and federal prosecutor, tonight when we heard the unfortunate news. regards, Alemaster

Sarge said...

Thanks for sharing Six. Me and Mrs Sarge feel so much better knowing that Bob Costa and Jason Whitlock are on the job telling America the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

NavyOne said...

Good analogy. Cars and guns. Bob was exposed and now is trying to backpedal. . .

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Winner there my friend!!!

Six said...

Great minds Alemaster!

Don't we all Pop!

Thanks NavyOne. It really was a case of open mouth, insert foot wasn't it?

Thanks NFO!

agirlandhergun said...

I have always thought Bob and Jason could do a much better job of thinking for me and taking care of my protection. I am sure I am their top priority.

Anonymous said...

Gidday Six,
Yeah I guess you hav had to pick up way too many pieces over the years.

I dont want to belittle tragedy, but I thouught that yourself and readers would appreciate this...


Six said...

Hey Garry! Glad you came by. Way too many to even try and remember my friend. I do however recall taking an advanced accident reconstruction class with a couple of New Zealand cops. Great guys and could they ever put away the beer. Like to have broke my budget!

Great video! Now i really have seen everything though those dogs drive better than some people I have met.

Anonymous said...

Heh, Yeah!.
Now I hope you didn't let Angus get an eyeful of those mutts at the wheel.

Being a good American Dog I'm sure he would NEVER drive some Brit right hand drive stickshift.