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29 December 2012

It Doesn't Work That Way

I know I said I wasn't going to post until after the New Year but this is really bugging me.

The talk everywhere has been on Meet The Press and David Gregory waving a banned 30 round magazine at Wayne LaPierre. Liberals and the media (BIRM) have been trying desperately to excuse him and have basically made our point for us. Banning has never, doesn't and will never work. On anything. But there's a point that is being missed in the prosecute/don't debate.

DC police says they didn't give him permission. ATF says they may have or maybe they didn't. Doesn't really matter. The fact is that no police officer can give permission to break the law. Period. I made a comment at Paw Paw's House about this. Can you imagine?

Reporter. "The officer totally gave me permission to break the law. It's totally not my fault. I had no intention to commit any crime. I'm allowed. I'm just doing journalist stuff."

Officer. "Yes Chief, I told the guy he could drive 100 mph through that school zone. He's a reporter and was doing a segment on speeding and dangerous driving. No intent there."

NHTSA.  "Well, one of our investigators may have given Mister Reporter permission to drive 75 mph over the speed limit in a school zone. Or maybe not. We'll investigate and get back to you on that. But even if we or the officer did it's clear there was no intent there."

Chief. "We'll open an investigation on Mister reporter and get back to you Common Folks later. Maybe."

No. Can't be done. Stop arguing about it and asking who gave him permission. No permission was allowed or could lawfully be given. Specific Intent isn't required in this case. I know the law is stupid but it is the law. Either it applies to everyone or it doesn't but no one could give Gregory permission to do what he did. No one. The best they could have done (and certainly what Gregory should have done) is to have an officer bring the magazine to the studio and do all the handling and displaying. Would have made his point better anyway.

Just to repeat myself and drive home this point to all the reporters and their toe licking lackeys. A police officer cannot give you permission to break the law. Let's say you go on a search warrant ride along and after all the bad guys are in handcuffs an officer gives you the okay and you grab a cellophane baggy of a white powdery substance in your grubby paw. You take it outside and wave it in front of the camera doing your best Jaded Crime Reporter schtick on air. Turns out it indeed ends up being a gram of Cocaine. Guess what? That's right Scooter, you just committed the crime of possession of a controlled substance for all the world to see and your butt should end up in the slammer. In a perfect world. No intent is required. Simple possession is enough. Probably wouldn't get prosecuted (depending on the DA and how bad he wants to be seen as tough on crime and how close the next election is) but that's not because you didn't break the law. Just like Gregory did. Either prosecute him or admit the laws are different for some animals and don't but please stop trying to find excuses. Your ignorance and bias is showing.

The stupidity. It burns.



innominatus said...

Agreed, bans don't work. All they'd accomplish is the creation of another black market where truly bad guys would get stinking rich.

Borepatch said...

The cocaine analogy was a very good one.

Rev. Paul said...


Old NFO said...

Excellent points, BUT the left will never understand that... dammit...

Paladin said...

Right to the point of the matter, Six.

Keads said...

You have nailed it Sir! Some pigs seem to be more equal than others.

Theredneckengineer said...

We've seen how well bans work in every country as well as our own. It doesn't matter, you're trying to apply logic to a group of people and a series of events who/that do not require it.

Different laws for different people, and all that.

Six said...

Agreed Inno. There's about a billion 20 and 30 round magazines out there. How can you possibly ban that?

Thanks BP. The speeding analogy was weak though. Sigh, I really need to write this stuff out before posting it.

Thanks Rev.

Yep. They're not even pretending at this point NFO.

Appreciate that Paladin. I have tried to stop throwing things at the TV. Getting expensive.

Exactly Keads. Oy, what would Orwell say if he could see us now?

Agreed Redneck. It's definitely a head/wall situation.