'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.' -G. K. Chesterton

11 October 2012

The Giants!!!

6-4 in game 5. It was a nail biter for much of the game. Posey hit a slam and the G-Men won the series after being down 0-2. The first time that's been done in a NLDS ever.

The Reds are a great team but let this be a lesson. They had the Giants on the ropes but let them squeek out a win in game 3 and it was all over but the popping of the champagne corks. If you have an adversary down kick them in the ass don't piss on 'em.

Alemaster is a great guy and a gracious competitor but I am so going to rub this one in all Winter. :) Hey, I win so seldom I don't quite know what to do. Plus, he's a Rotor Head and what would my Leg brothers think if I let him off easy?

On to the NLCS. I think we just dodged a bullet and beat the next best team in the NL but we shall see.

Thanks Alemaster. These things are always a lot more fun if there are actual consequences and penalties involved.



Anonymous said...

Rats, Six, it sucks when the Reds lose, especially when it ends the season! Oh well, everything else here is a diversion until basketball season starts for the 'Cats. Guess it's just as well as my flt to DAL has been changed to PHX so Ed wouldn't have been able to share the sweetness of my now lost winnings anyway. Shoot me your address at my Yahoo e-mail and some of Kentucky's finest will be enroute post haste. Congrats, go NL and FLYRME! regards, Alemaster

innominatus said...

Jay Bruce's 12-pitch at-bat in the 9th w/ 2 men on was crazy. I was so tense I chewed right past my fingernails and down to the second joint on my fingers!

Six said...

It was a GREAT game 5 Alemaster and the Reds brought no shame to the club. Thanks!!

I had palpitations Inno. Good thing Angus knows CPR.