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29 October 2012

A Hike With Angus

As promised a few photos of the boy and I at Cinder Knoll. With limited input from yours truly because when you have a Lab words are simply unnecessary. All of them are enlargeable.

We did a little whistle work. Face me and SIT.

Isn't he a good boy?

Tongue hanging, I've done my job. That's one tired pup!

Back to the truck. "I'm not tired daddy. I swear!"

Drool fuel.

The end of a very good day.

And homeward bound again. The boy does love rides in his truck.

Angus has been such a blessing. I hope you enjoyed the pictures because there are many more adventures to come.



Old NFO said...

Drooling all the way...LOL Good pics and a good day in the field!

Six said...

Thanks Old NFO. It was a good day!

LauraB said...

Darling!! Do you add hand signals to your whistle work for silent command?

I've had Sarge take his pup for some man and dog time lately. He used to go everywhere until we got the polar bear dog and misses being "special". Those "just us" drives have him dancing jigs when he comes back. The dog, I mean. Sarge jigs, too, just not after a drive...usually...

Six said...

I di Laura. Angus will sit, stay, come, heel and down by hand. He's still young so occasionally "forgets" but he actually does pretty good.

A guy and his dog, a dog and his guy. It's a special bond.

I'm not touching that whole when he dances thing with a ten foot pole. My mama didn't raise no fools! Well, maybe my brother.

Keads said...

Great day! I have a friend that teaches hand and verbal on labs.

Six said...

Thanks Kelly. I think it's important that Angus be trilingual; voice, hand and whistle. You know, just in case.

Ok, Ok. I'm just showing off!

Keads said...


Anonymous said...

Angus looks to be growing into a fine dog Six. Also the countryside looks a great environment for dogs and their masters. Regards to yourself, Lu and friends from down under.

Six said...

Thanks Garry. He is really coming along well. A really good dog. The country is beautiful, we are so lucky to live here and have the time to enjoy it.

Take care Garry.

CoolChange©© said...

Not many things better than spending the day with a good dog. Makes the body healthy. Thanks for the pics.

Six said...

You got that right CC!